State of the Union: Biden wants all construction materials made in US | USA TODAY

President Joe Biden pledged to get construction materials using federal infrastructure projects to be made in the United States.

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The country is at an inflection point, as President Joe Biden likes to say. So, too, is Biden's presidency, as he prepares to compete for a second term in office.

Biden's descriptions of how infrastructure investments will benefit middle class families are not resonating with blue-collar workers – particularly white voters who didn't attend college. Many defected from the Democratic Party over the last decade and offered Biden lukewarm support in the last presidential election.

Ahead of an expected re-election announcement in the coming weeks, Biden is making a concerted effort to bring working-class Americans back into the fold. His first stop on his post-State of the Union tour will be at a union-run apprenticeship and training facility in Wisconsin, a state that epitomizes the challenges that Democrats face in the 2024 election with independents and workers who have been hard hit by the decline in American manufacturing.

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