Stelter: Fox News wants to make Fauci Public Enemy No. 1

CNN's Brian Stelter breaks down how the right-wing media and GOP politicians have focused attacks on Dr. Anthony Fauci in an attempt to vilify him.

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    1. FACT. Fauci emails reveal: The “natural origin theory” was coordinated propaganda, crafted by the very scientists who engineered the virus

    2. @jim Moore just a little tidbit for you Einstein it’s 250 million and Anderson Cooper is worth 200 million. So now what was your point?

    3. @Donald Ducko you can’t confront these zombies with facts. it doesn’t work. It’s as though they are in some kind of a myopic Perpetual state of psychosis

    4. @jim Moore he also said masks don’t work. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about and neither do you. He’s wrong a lot for someone who claims to be smart.

    1. @robert smith Don’t you like spam? It’s just a public service blurb to help save thousands of lives.

    1. As Biden said you ain’t black unless you vote for him. Or just as smart as white kids thanks.

    2. Like everything else they lied about Trump about, I’m sure that statement be debunked by the end of the week

    3. @DB Cooper Tucker is the most honest man on tv also tucker has the highest rated show on television with an average of 42 million viewers , people see facts as racisms,… tucker being from California being a child actor on days of our lives then getting a PhD in world history his facts are documented not the neoamerican transfacts of fools ,… he knows the mind of your kind yet your kind will never understand

  1. I’m surprised there’s any sane Americans living in the country. I know they’re out there – make sure to vote at EVERY election you can

    1. @Bill H Seems to be what we generally end up with, but at least you get to choose the senility and futility you get in office.

  2. “It is the mark of an educated mind to entertain an idea without accepting it” – Aristotle

    1. COLLUSION: Emails reveal that Fauci, Daszak coordinated influential articles that downplayed the lab leak theory.

  3. LOL…Tucker Carlson, “He’ll always have a place on NICOLE Wallace’s Show where she’ll tell him how great he is.”

    Yet fails to see the irony of how Trump always has a place on his Show where he’ll tell Trump how great he is.

    1. funny to watch everyone point fingers at everyone else, who really cares what the supposed “opponent right” media is reporting, they are all playing to their own base…that was apparent 10 years ago, it’s like move on people…. Meanwhile, what MAY be the most profound crime in the history of the US is brushed off casually….just an observation…cheers

    2. @David Hickman what does Trump have to do with this video RE: Fauci ? you just helped make my point, relax, we are all from the same human family

    1. ​@Lord Vader The Leftie Trump “mayb we can do something with the disinfectant”

      How do u interpret that as “telling people to inject bleach” ?
      Thats how the fake media portayed it, but they are just propaganda. Whats ur excuse ?

    2. @The White Rabbit but lord Vader is an intellectual.
      That’s their excuse for everything.
      “I went to school!!!!”
      “I have a underwater basket birthing people’s studies degree!!!!”
      Too bad most of them don’t understand 1+1=2, not racism or homophobia or bigotry.

    3. @The White Rabbit “Thats how the fake media portayed” That was sarcasm, but red hats aren’t known
      their nuance or sense of humor. “How do u interpret that” with this jewel of a moron….
      “Being an expert on everything isn’t always easy” – Donald Trump. LMAO! What a tool..

    4. @Esteban Santiago When u have a degree in race hate, its all they can see.

      They cant answer questions cos they have no answer. Their brains are just emotional, gaslit wrecks. Just destroy em with logic.

      Once they start to Reee, prosecution rests.

    5. @Meme Short If you mean people are injecting KFC grease off their fingers and Coca-Cola syrup into their veins then you might have a point.

    1. No no everything was ok until the a lying corrupt traitor became president and spread disinformation lock trump up

    2. Carlson isn’t a scientist. He is crazy as a loon though. 233 outbreaks of a new virus since 1985, genius.
      So start to figure out who to blame the next on and beat the rush. There will be a next one and the pace
      is picking up.

  4. Best thing when dealing with a narcissists is to go no contact but Americans can’t because the news won’t accept the truth because it’s getting the narcissist want attention and negative attention is a big payoff to the narcissists,

  5. I respect Fauci, not worship him. After all he was competing with the let’s drink bleach guy. A pretty low bar.

    1. Please give a link to whom ever said to drink bleach…. or is that just some unfounded talking point?
      I’m sure if it was said, you could find it.
      Don’t do mental gymnastics or pull a Schiff and straight up lie.
      Do the responsible thing and back up your claim.

    2. @Esteban Santiago do u mean where diaper donny learned the word sarcasm to excuse his proposal of injecting disinfectant and getting uv inside the body? yea good times… just google it

    3. @Esteban Santiago took me like 2 seconds on google. I think you must be a bot because every actual human remembers that. It was a huge story. It has been referred to many many times and it will probably go down as a defining moment in his presidency if not the conservative movement in general.

    4. @Esteban Santiago +btw some of ur dumbest bootlicker actually drank bleach and pestered overfilled clinics after this clown show

  6. If you ever pass Fox News on Ave of the Americas in NYC you’ll notice that it smells like Trump’s backside.

  7. There should be laws against news host saying things that could put a target on someones back. Not agreeing with him is one thing blaming him him for loss of life is another.

  8. “After then-President Donald Trump gloated that the U.S. was doing a “pretty good job” against the spread of COVID-19 and that the 15 cases in the nation would quickly be “down to close to zero.” “He declared the following day that “like a miracle, it will disappear.” But, yeah… muh Anthony Fauci.

  9. One thing I could say they’re really good at name-calling people some real pretentious names too LOL😆😂😂😂😆

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