Stelter: Matt Gaetz is proving Boehner's warning about GOP right 1

Stelter: Matt Gaetz is proving Boehner’s warning about GOP right


CNN's Brian Stelter says the widening Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) scandal is proving former Republican House Speaker John Boehner's warning about elevating right-wing media stars as the future of the GOP right.
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  1. It’s all starting to blow up. The GOP is dying. Gaetz needs to leave. I don’t even know if they can save face. Fox News, evangelicals, Trump followers, they’re all getting their comeuppance, and I’m glad.

    1. @Debra Johnson I said nothing about violence, although yes, that is certainly a possibility with narcissists when they rage and the mask comes off. A narcissist cannot maintain a healthy normal family life, it’s not possible. The abuse is psychological. Trump treats women like a typical narcissist does. Obama does not. This is something you cannot get around.

    2. @BigBadJerry Rogers Many narcissists lead normal lives.
      You dont know what you are talking about. Try looking up about pathological narcissism. That’s what Obama is. You can have a family.

    3. @Debra Johnson No, they cannot. They can attempt a facade of normalcy, but in reality, the narcissist’s family life is rife with emotional abuse and typically boundaries are non existent because a narcissist doesn’t respect boundaries. That’s been the case with the women in Trump’s life. Not the case with Obama. Narcissists are pathological abusers psychologically with persecution complexes who constantly feel the need to gaslight and make things up even when they have nothing to gain from it. Because it’s gratifying for a narcissist to do that to people. This is Trump’s entire brand and calling card. Obama never did any of this.

    4. @Jeremy Tines what does that matter if half the country give or take 2% is going to fight you at every opportunity…You won nothing but 4 years of being the brunt of all the China Joe jokes..

    1. @czgibson LOL. You are the one who STILL thinks CNN is news and not political conspiracy. What’s your excuse? Just naturally stupid?

    2. Mimzy Jinx got back with the GOP senate conclusions yet about confirming that the Russians did help get Trump elected? We are all waiting for you to admit that the GOP came to the conclusions that CNN did regarding this matter.

    3. @Mimzy Jinx Thank you so much for informing me about my opinions on CNN. I guess we can add that to the enormous list of things you are clueless about.

  2. GOP has become so corrupt it’s leaders are so dismayed in what to do they have no recourse but to continue to try to glue the broken bad parts together..

    1. @v w that is the template of far right wing. This because their hate is their fuel. So they always help to suppress other people’s votes. So trying to make people go for 3rd party so that they can squeeze into government and ruin the country and the whole world.

    2. @v w no you are not. I am middle of the road and for now only one party wants democracy and the other authoritarian regime. So we can’t risk Hitler’s plan.

    3. @v w you don’t need to. That is why you should hold your thoughts about confusing people to look for a new party, when our country barely escaped authoritarian regime. Which party brought social security, ACA, medicare, stimulus etc. While the other party is all about voters suppression, abortion, LGBTQ and tax cut for the wealthy.
      Look at our roads.

    1. Karma has absolutely nothing to do with it. .It’s called consequences, reaping what one sows.
      Why has the Occidental taken words from Oriental religions and force them to mean something they don’t?

    1. @SouthSide_ Chicago79 Ah, your son’s a fruit and you know it! Thats why you feel the need to really drive home to a bunch of strangers that “MY SON FLIES PLANES IN THE AIR FORCE”. We all know what he’s doing with his copilot in his precious F-15, they don’t call it the cockpit for nothing.

    2. @Adam Silesia Seriously that’s it? That’s all you have to say? The worse part is you start off with “Maybe” as in maybe one day you will finally get laid, maybe one day people will call you friend, maybe one day you will realize how minute you really are? Maybe is just a metaphor for “Ain’t gonna happen”!

    3. @SouthSide_ Chicago79 So your sons a fruit and a liberal? No wonder you hate Democrats so much. Dude just come to terms with it and remember all sons need their fathers.

  3. Always remember: the Trumpiest politicians have the most skeletons in their closet. That’s why Trump has Graham and Gaetz on a short leash

    1. @olecrowey sex involving minors is a crime in America, if proven. Drug use in public office is also not a good thing. Sex among adults is not a crime, unless you lie under oath about it. Allegations need supporting proof.
      Trust me I was shocked when a local person I knew told me, investigating police officers for a job, if they happen to be cheating on their spouse, it’s not a disqualifier. Anything else not being the truth on their application is a disqualifier.

    2. @sc666666
      I agree! That’s what it took—TDS—for a delusional angry lynch-mob to storm the Capitol of the United States, thinking there would be no consequences!

  4. Loved Tucker Carlson’s face when Gaetz reminded him that he meet his girlfriend, he looked like “ what you talking about Willis”

  5. Remember the “Where is Hunter?” mantra Republicans had? Well… Where is Gaetz? LOL It is funny how they are silent now and Hunter was NEVER a Politician like Gaetz is…crickets.

    1. @Claudette Earle You need to see the contents of Hunter’s laptop. There is evidence he was the point man for Joe’s overseas rackets. All the money Joe got from China Ukraine etc went through Hunter. I’ll give it to Joe though. He was smart by tapping into your tax dollars that went overseas. Crafty old bugger.

    2. @Mr DMc reminds me of “The Kracken” that never got exploded and the over 60 lost lawsuits relating to “the big lie”.

      Joe Biden has left the Trump investigator in charge of the Hunter Biden allegations in place, to proceed with the investigations, started under Trump.

      So, all will be revealed in time and very much unlike the previous president, who dodged and weaved; obstructed investigations into his affairs, ensured no witnesses were called at his first impeachment, threatened the GOP into backing him, concealed his tax returns for years from scrutiny, hiding behind the protection of the presidency – the armed force and tax dodging president with the loudest voice of all president’s….so obvious why he was so desperate to remain in office.

      And as it turned out, for umpteenth years, he only paid just over $7000 in taxes; I’ve paid a hell of a lot more than him, from insignificant earnings, when compared to his.

      So, really, he hasn’t even contributed to the financial operations of the same USA of which he was president!

      Then more recently, in his desperation to remain in office, he organised an insurrection tantamount to treason, against his own government, which left 5 people dead and numerous Lawmakers fearing for their lives – can’t wait to see the movie, which I’m sure is coming out. Need I go on??

      Compare the above to Joe and Hunter Biden…whatever, Hunter is being accused of…go ahead and draw comparisons – point by point!

      And now the allegations levied at your Trump for fraudulently taking money from republicsn small doners accounts (you might even be one,) without their expressed consent….dipping into their bank accounts on numerous occasions just because they signed up to his cause…whatever next???

      Listen, let the Hunter Biden investigations go forth and I’ll be first in line with unfavourable comments if he is found to be guilty.

    3. @Claudette Earle im simply sayi.g wait for the facts. Kind of like the maga hat kid. Fool got retired because the media assumed way too early.

  6. The Republicans did find in Matt Gaetz what they were looking for but didn’t find in Hunter Biden.
    And not a word from FOX News.

    1. @goodtasteification Oh, so “they” have a lot on Hunter, do they! And they’re keeping it all a secret, though, are they! Just like Spanky has whole lot of evidence for that “stolen” election, but he’s keeping it all hidden.
      Sure. Makes sense, now doesn’t it.

    2. @goodtasteification Are a Trump supporter? If so you and the rest of your ilk have taken being gullible to new heights.

    3. @Cycle of Life No!! I am not from your Country. But I am trying to help, but I think its too late! First they will take over your Food Supply than your Home Ownership, and finally most important, Your Dreams! Do some research, Keep an eye on Gates and Zuckerberg! Don’t let them make the the peasants fight amongst themselves! If Matt is guilty, he will be tried, he doesn’t get a free ticket like some Liberal Socialist would? Research! Research!

    4. @goodtasteification You mean Trump’s evidence wasn’t even worth looking at? Wow! I’ve heard of evidence being so poor that it was thrown out bit evidence so pathetic that it wasn’t even worth looking at!
      Well, that’s par for the course for Trumpism.

    1. @Robin Heling If you dont know about any of those things you are an uneducated voter with decision making based on emotion. There were tons of other things but those were the most pressing at the time.
      The way the Obama administration handled those situations shaped how i would look further into voting for Trump, instead of a career politician.

    2. @Brandon Bishop let me try again.. You say bengazi, ban guns and eastern europe were the most pressing at the time for you and then tell me if I don’t care about these I’m uneducated and vote by emotion???? Dude, Bengazi was a rage fest by Republicans that turned out to be a giant nothing burger (surprise, surprise) banning guns was never on the table (only for people who couldn’t think beyond the first talking point) and I have no idea what eastern europe means in your mind.. ex Yugoslavia, Poland, Hungary, Ukraine? All these “pressing” issues were nothing more than emotional breakdowns by the right! Except Ukraine, but only for the worst reasons

    3. @Robin Heling PLease name one GOOD thing Trump has done for this country. If you cant without being facetious then its pointless to continue a conversation.

      Hillary handled benghazi HORRIBLY and its testified by boots on the ground. Bidens dealings in Ukraine. As for guns the constant attempts to bring forth legislation against “Assault Weapons” What is that mean anyway?

  7. I’m so happy that Rush Limbaugh isn’t here to run his god forsaken pie hole about Boehner’s new book.

    1. Do love the spiteful,hateful lefty tosspots!!!…Hope Karma comes calling and brings you, and your family, what you wish for others!!..How lovely that would be!!!

    1. The worst bedbugs are right-wing hate-radio hosts. They invent and test-drive the lies that are fed to the Fox audience.

  8. Jerry Springer should publicly invite Gaetz to do his show; Gaetz should feel at home with the Jerry Springer audience.

    1. Since Trumps best friend for years was Jeffrey Epstein until Epstein was investigated by the FBI I wonder if Trump was involved in any of the activities of Gaetz because Trump is seeking the same distance with Gaetz as he did with Epstein. The truth is trump has shown a promiscuous life style with no internal checks on pursing illicit sex. These types of people seem to be attracted to each other. Look at how close Trump was with both Gaetz and Epstein.

    2. @Alonda Thomas And Margaret Sanger has been dead for over 45 years and yet HRC, Obama and Biden glorified here. You follow Harry Hay, the Gay Rights founder and NAMBLA supporter and he has been dead for 19 years. So, why don’t you step off with your bullshit.

    1. #pizzagaetz #InvestiGaetz #GaetzGate ( the latter is what he said on twitter that he prefers while laughing at Elon Musks tweet about #ElonGate)

    2. @Hai Lpoai Only idiots click on links without any description about what the point is. So you won’t get me to click it.

  9. i seem to remember the GOP and right-wing media pushing untrue sex trafficking stories about Biden right before the election but it turns out they were just talking about themselves.

    1. @Yppengasse28 My argument is that Mueller has zero credibility, zero. You have a short memory. FBI Directors don’t get that job by being honest. They are political positions. Mueller was used by the deep state and The MIC to be the face of RussiaGate. How do you not see that RussiaGate was probably the dumbest propaganda operations in U.S. I’m a dumb blue collar worker and I saw right through it. Corporate media job is to manufacture consent. Think.

    2. @Kar Walker You need to see the contents of Hunter’s laptop. There is evidence he was the point man for Joe’s overseas rackets. All the money Joe got from China Ukraine etc went through Hunter. I’ll give it to Joe though. He was smart by tapping into your tax dollars that went overseas. Crafty old bugger.

    3. @StealieSteve “RussiaGate was probably the dumbest propaganda operations in U.S.” Go on, I’m listening, and please provide the facts and links to back up your position. In my view, Trump was involved with Russia going back to the 90’s when they saved him financially by laundering money through his apartments. He (Trump) shot off his mouth about Russia a few too many times, and he got the attention of our counter-intel people as a possible asset. But it was Trump’s behavior, not some Democratic plot … and that’s where it goes off the rails.

  10. “If you’re not making news, you aren’t governing” If you are more worried about making it on the news, you shouldn’t be in any office of government.

  11. Boehner and Ryan both saw the writing on the wall. The train is running full throttle without an Engineer on a dead end track.

    1. Too bad folks like Paul Ryan didn’t try harder to snuff out the radical Far Right movement in the Party before it got out of hand. Now it’s practically too late.

    2. Yeah, they’re both pricks as well. They helped in creating this mess. They’re hardly above it.

    3. Lol, I think you meant to write “Boehner and Ryan started the death roll, and when they realized how bad they messed up, they ran away so they couldn’t be held accountable.”

  12. ” i’m so proud of John Boehner, who thought he’d sober up long enough to write a book “. lol

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