1. Because you actually believe you can just vote out an authoritarian who has taken control of your country? You think Trump is bad now just wait until after November, the worst is yet to come.

    2. —LoLs — True — Stelter sounds like his tiny nuts are in a vice — it’s painful to listen to —-

    3. If he loses and if he can be forced to leave..even then, he’s in the White House until Jan 20,2021.I apologize for having to share that with you.Very sorry.

    1. @Gooey 911 Well Gooey, if you don’t remember Trump’s concentration camps, then you must not be a 4 year old Hispanic child because I can show you plenty of people that are well acquainted with them. As for Mueller, I’ll take a stab in the dark and say you didn’t read the report, right? Tucker Carlson ask you guys to read it to show us how wrong we were, correct? I bet not. Keep your 10k. I’ve got an education, I don’t need it.

    2. The leftwing lunatics are destroying America with their false authoritarian murderous agenda ….Trump is the only thing standing in the way of the democrats destroying America…TRUMP 2020!!

    3. @Robert You actually think you know what your talking about don’t you??? Lmfao ,Your whole way of thinking was formed from fake news,propaganda, ill-education,taught fake outrage,being manipulated easily….TRUMP 2020!!!

  1. “We are witnessing creeping authoritarianism”
    You *THINK* !?! What was your first clue?
    Seriously, that has to be the understatement of the year!

    1. @Sonja Reid why don’t you explain why we can go to the grocery store but not vote? Democrats want UNREGULATED mail in voting and Trump said delaying is a better change than that

    2. @Jensen yes religion is wonderful it hasn’t caused any wars, conflict or divided people throughout history has it. And we should believe every word of it because we’re not allowed to have minds of our own.

    3. @Sonja Reid So basically, you people praise Obama as a hero when he started 2 wars in Syria and Libya which killed thousands of civilians and yet Trump did not started any, you called him Hitler. Like, why?

    4. @Double 0 Devon do you think this video is honest? It’s implying trump can/wants to delay the election, and he said he doesn’t want that and can’t do that. He only said that as a more rational change than unregulated mail in voting. Why not report the truth?

  2. “Control the zone “is FAILING miserably. INCOMING! Many are seeing the REAL agenda.

    1. @Mandi B What is wrong with you?! We have to live with ourselves joking about killing him just like Trump will have to live with ACTUALLY killing thousands of people with his lies and incompetence. GIRL BYE!!

    2. @Lisa Noelle Democracy will be gone regardless of whether Trump wins or not, you really believe you just get to vote out a criminal regime like the Trump Administration? There is no scenario that does not result in lots of bloodshed and violence after November 3rd.

    1. @Tom Derri I would say the opposite, this is the sheit that happens in China, maybe you should move there. As for defunding the police, I would bet you have no idea what Democrats mean by that, so save it.

    2. @Doesn’t Matter Don’t be surprised Putin is not against the U.S. as some make it out to be. Another lie perpetrated by the left wing media. It’s why the left were trying to put the President and Putin into the same category. President Putin is a Born Again Christian. His mom was a Christian and his dad was an atheist. President Putin has even rebuilt a lot of the churches that Communism destroyed. God loves us very much !! I am from Canada when we had a major forest fire here. President Putin offered to send us his huge water bombers to help Alberta out. Our liberal government in Ottawa refused to accept his offer. Imagine that, your province is on fire and they do not want to send water bombers. The lie-beral PM we have here in Canada is now on his third ethics violation. One of the first things President Trump did for our province. He signed unto the pipeline project which Obama rejected. Albertans here in Canada support President Trump and love Americans. I have an uncle who served in the U.S. Air Force who is from Nebraska. God Bless !!

    3. @Average Joe What Leftist’s are calling for Communism and the banning of all privately held companies to be relinquished to the state? Can you name one?

    4. @drdecker1 I don’t think Putin is “cold war” against the US but he’s not alright with an oil embargo or losing the sale of natural gas. The media says Trump’s his ally lol

    1. wiremantw Freedom & Liberty Forever I think it should be automatic . Turn 18 you are registered. I also think it should be mandatory to vote in all elections .

    2. wiremantw Freedom & Liberty Forever the quote is “no evidence off MASS voter fraud”, but it’s ok, you clearly weren’t listening. Your move moron

  3. He’s disaster for America. I work at the Post office, they are really slowing the mail, leaving mail behind.

    1. So your saying your supervisor is involved in a conspiracy to tamper with the election by slowing the pace of mail delivery??

    2. No surprise, considering Trump just put his man in charge. People need to be more clever – put a tracing element on the ballot so it can be tracked through the postal service!!

    3. @Carriemchardy Carrie how does that help late ballots??? This comment is about slower mail delivery but you spout psychotic ideas about contact tracing?!?

    4. Who are they? I didn’t know Trump delivered the mail along with everything else he makes worse. Isn’t the post office run by a Democrat Union? Could it be the Democrats and Unions screwing things up?

  4. Driving Under the Influence of Narcissism and Putin is “repairing” the car with parts manufactured in Russia.

    1. I’ll bet you there is a Russian guy hiding under your bed…you always suspected your wife was cheating, right?

    1. And you realize the people behind 9/11 Are the ones behind COV 19 PANDEMIC right ? Ask yourself why does the deep state hate Trump so much ? He seems to be the only president besides JFK who posed a threat to them..

    2. I’m with you Jeff; Trump didn’t start this story – he has just pushed the envelope too far but this has been happening for years Mussolini said “if you pluck a chicken one feather at a time – no one notices”

    3. @John David 800,000 Missing Children A Year!! Why Is That Not CNN #1 STORY FOR THE LAST FEW DECADES???? WHO IS CNN PROTECTING????

    1. Democracy is doomed for failure, once people know they can vote more out of the system then they put in, it will go broke. 30+ trillion in debt, that is where we are now, taking more out than we can put in. The truth only works for those with their eyes open wide enough to see it. The law doesn’t seem to punish Democrats, only those connected to Republicans.

  5. Welcome to the party. Been saying it for years, four to be exact. Guess I wasn’t so crazy after all. He is what he seems you dimwits. Believe it now?!?

    1. Lol. Bruh! Exactly how many people have been calling you crazy??? is it everyone??? I might not take this as confirmation of sanity if I was you, if that’s the case.

  6. What’d you expect with seven calls to Putin just since April ?
    They’re talking keeping trump in power.

  7. I’m taking the DAY OFF to vote in PERSON. I want to make certain, I did my part in removing this lunatic from office. Enough is enough!

    1. Yep because that’s the way you get rid of an authoritarian and criminal regime like the Trump Administration, you simply vote them out….so much darkness coming for America, you really are blind to how bad it’s about to get aren’t you.

    2. @Thyalwaysseek I do worry about blindness and how bad it will get if the Marxists and Biden get in. I never wanted to kill anyone, I never wanted to be killed and I never wanted to live under a Biden Communist regime, because they would surely kill me for my conservative beliefs, like they have 100’s of millions of innocent citizens in my life. I am 70+ and I hope the Communists wait until I am gone to take over the USA. I have enjoyed many freedoms in my life and hope to enjoy the few that I have left until I am completely free. Good luck to you Socialist loving young people, I hope it works out for you in spite of the 100% history of Socialism.

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