Steve Rattner: How Biden’s Bill Differs From Trump’s Tax Cut | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Morning Joe economic analyst Steve Rattner joins Morning Joe to discuss President Biden's $1.9T relief bill, and he compares it to Trump's Tax Cut and Jobs Act and why he says Biden's plan will have an enormous impact on Americans who are in need. Aired on 03/8/2021.
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Steve Rattner: How Biden's Bill Differs From Trump's Tax Cut | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @peter Gibbs Actually he is saying exactly what Putin wants him to say! Ainโ€™t that right Siberia man

  1. Update: The time is now 7:53 am Central Standard Time on March 8, 2021 and Joe Biden is STILL the LEGALLY and RIGHTFULLY elected President of the United States. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Right On and Amen. Landslide victory. Biden/ Harris 2024! Vote Blue ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™

    2. @Andrew Mitchell they might be searching but they won’t find that in God’s Word. Can embrace those who scream “JEWS WILL NOT REPLACE US,” and serve Jesus Christ. A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.

    3. @Stephen Mouat too bad ebt cards don’t buy hotel rooms….99.9% of donald supporters can’t even afford those prices

    4. @DesertSessions93 Yes. Selected by we the people and VERIFIED by the electoral college. ๐Ÿ™ƒ

  2. The super wealthy can only exist when you have a mass of poor people at the bottom
    of society.

    1. @Joe Dementia Kid Smell No, Trump lost. Again, deeply unpopular which is why he barely ever made public appearances outside of controlled environments and got booed at the ones he did go to.

      Hope you find a personality outside of parroting Newsmax talking points on a troll account one day friendo

    2. @zidge1751 Got any Russia COLLUSION evidence yet BOY? Maybe you should consider shutting your soy mouth BOY!!

    3. @Novaseul You can make pencils on your own but what good will that do you if no one is paying you?

    1. @NBK Your fantasies are my entertainment. If there’s anything else I can do to wind you up even tighter,
      please let me know. I’m here to help.

    2. @Wisconsin Man So you like Russia? The FSB loves little Trumptoads. You and Fox & fiends make their work
      much easier. You’re a real tool.

  3. This is exactly why 81 million voter’s put Democrats in the Majority. Not one Republican in the Senate or the House voted to help Average American’s period. This is why Democrats must stay in power for the foreseeable future.

  4. Wow! Excellent service for the American people from President Joe Biden. As to the republicans, All talk no action with false conspiracies and voter suppression.

  5. But NOBODY CRIED โ€œHOW ARE WE GOING TO PAY FOR ITโ€ when the rich got TAX CUTS๐Ÿคก๐Ÿคฌ

  6. That’s one thing that numbers never do is lie…the republicans can’t spin that part!!!

    1. @ithomas101 She always gets my blood boiling. The Democrats let people suffer? Neanderthals are hunters and look after their families? I don’t know what’s wrong with her.

    2. True because the more you mislead people and keep them dumbed down the better for that party to accomplish their garbage agenda that don’t benefit 80% of America.

    3. @ithomas101 She also said in a Fox Business News interview that the Bill was only providing money to, well as she put it, “blue state bail outs”. To which the Fox anchor surprisingly interjected that ALL states were getting money from the bill including her state of TN getting $6 billion.

  7. While Republicans blocked this bill in Congress and wasted precious time, and complained about “Cancel Culture” and Mr. Potato head and Dr. Seuss’s children books, Americans continued to Die.

    1. @Richard Andrew Crosby ” Insurrection” you snowflakes just love using that word. Makes you feel so articulate. Just a bunch of superficial A Holes. Meanwhile thousands of people have died under democratic “Leadership” Billions in property damage over the summer. Defund the police??? People’s businesses that they work for their entire lives lost forever. And this gets all the attention? STFU Demoncrats are more about good intentions than actually accomplishing good deeds

    2. @Rob B Democrats run the House Democrats run the Executive branch Democrats run the and Democrats have been swiftly fulfulling the most relevant and demanding roles that up until barely 2 months ago were all but abandoned and hollowed out by the last administration’s inability to take these TOP govt cabinet positions filled….this new admin has been in it since day 0 working with the pharma companies who ultimately came thru and reengaged our global allies in order to make these vaccines finally viable AND available. Yet you said “despitee Democrat intransigence n incompetence”….Americans are finally going to be safe from this virus. Thanks to who then Rob!? The Republicann party is Donner-level desperate and lost and sick. So spare me that lazy projectionist line; we’re all about to be a well country again. Gratefully so, right?! Ok yall good vibes & good health!

    3. @Don Corleone How exactly did “thousands of people die under democratic leadership”? How exactly was there “Billions in property damage over the summer” under democrats??

    4. @astev52 either you’re dumb or you’re just really, really dumb. Either way I can’t dignify a response you’re stupidity

    1. @Moe Zura no I donโ€™t believe in eternal hellfire and torment itโ€™s a gross misrepresentation of who our creator is – it is a perverse teaching – if it is what you believe then thatโ€™s all I need to know about you to make a judgement (assessment) of your character

    2. @Pls_ explain well, at least you got THAT part of the Bible right… my YouTube channel is filled with videos on the subject… a few where I dismantle the “teachings” of “evangelicals” like John MacArthur. God bless you.

    3. @Moe Zura glad to hear you think I got that part of the Bible right and glad to hear you donโ€™t subscribe to it

  8. The only thing that trickled down from the last Republican president was the coronavirus. Straight from his mouth to the people who came to applaud him in the Rose Garden.

    1. @Wisconsin Man I’m not sure exactly what it is your trying to say, but if it’s that masks don’t work . Then may I put in put in my own 2 cents. I’m a western Australian here the government of all persuasions read off the same playbook when it comes to dealing with covid. When they say wear a mask, we wear a mask. Every time you go somewhere, to a shop ,to work, to school, anywhere. You check in,for contact tracing purposes. As a result there hasn’t been a death from covid in the entire country in nearly 6 months. There’s only 9 active cases in the entire nation, all returned nationals, all from the U.S . As a consequence our economy is booming. These measures do work but it takes trust and teamwork. Please just give a go. As the other guy said what have you got to loose.

    2. @Lawrence Harris “Biden is bringing in more Covid-19 from the Mexican Border” <--Provide objective proof for that claim.

  9. Trump’s was far more irresponsible giving tax cuts to the wealthy to minimize the potential recoup of the spending yet Republicans pretend to care about the deficit.

    1. @Nick Coryell I actually paid more this year than last. I made less (60K rather than 82K) but paid more. I had less I was able to write off. Not sure who Trump’s cuts benefitted but it wasn’t me.

    2. @Rod you didn’t have a single fact in your alt-right extremist propoganda opinion outlets talking points. They lied to you and you spew it out like it’s facts when every intelligent person KNOWS you are lying.

    3. @J. Seldin Scarfo yeah, we made more than 70k and I had to pay! That made me change my mind on trump.

  10. Because Biden helped bring 1/3 of Americans out of poverty in one year they will label him a socialist. Like that’s a bad thing when you help that many people?๐Ÿ˜‚

    1. Chis are you talking dog years, Biden has been in office less than 100 days. False statement! He has brought no one out of poverty.

    2. @Lawrence Harris you apparently didn’t watch the video and the part where it talks about the rescue package doing just that.. But I can tell you drank the Trump kool aid and nothing Biden does will be right for you soooooo …… Off you go now.

    3. @TheJimprez I miss you Canada. Oakville, ON kid raised in a 100% chill and humane and practical society of 100 diff nationalities and 1000 diff ways to not be an a*hole. Hum.

    1. I hope we can keep any REPUBLICAN want to be presidents OUT long enough to fix and clean up EVERYTHING!

    2. Right. GOP has no platform based on policy. It’s oppose and undo everything the Dems accomplish, and loyalty to Trump. That’s it.

    3. @1966swartz If the past 50 years are anything to go by, the GOP will somehow convince enough to get back in again after Biden to mess it all up. 50 years: 6 GOP Presidents for 30 years | Dem had 3 for 20 years. The Dem Presidents all left office with flourishing economies.

      โ€ข *Nixon/Ford* (finishing Nixon’s 2nd term due to y’know) lead to *Carter.*
      โ€ข *Reagan’s* equity dividing ‘trickle down economics’ still espoused by Republicans today and followed by *Bush Sr.’s* Gulf War & economic crash lead to *Clinton.*
      โ€ข *Bush Jr.’s* trio of Iraq War, Afghanistan occupation, & another economic crash lead to *Obama.*
      โ€ข *Trump’s* deft unMeidas touch of everything and yet another economic crash has lead to *Biden.*

  11. Imagine that … a government that wants to govern.
    And that wants to actually help those who need it the most … and not just throw money at the one percent so that donors can buy a third yacht or a second vacation home in the Hamptons.


    2. Help yourself , why in the world would anyone ever think they are owed something least at all from a broken corrupt system . Wow

  12. So glad this has happened, about time as time has shown the rich gets richer the poor get poorer. Can’t depend on corporations to do the right thing and pay a living wage

  13. Steve’s presentation along with his insight has gotten me really excited about this bill. I can’t believe not a single Republikkan voted for it. It’s a no-brainer.

    1. It’s not shocking at all. It’s the same crap they pulled with the ACA. They negotiate in bad faith and when it comes time to hold up their end of the bargain, crickets. I say Democrats remove the filibuster and give Republicans a taste of their own medicine. It’s the only way to make them stop.

    2. Opposition and obstruction are part and parcel for the GOP. People don’t seem to realize but within the past 40 years (since the start of Reagan’s Presidency) there have only been TWO DEM Presidents and the GOP spent 8 of Obama’s blocking and voting down EVERYTHING and worked hard to sabotage Clinton as well. And both with thriving economies built back from Republican crashes _(Reaganomics leading into Bush 41’s Gulf War : Bush Jr’s Iraq War, Afghanistan Conflict, & Financial Crisis combo)_ Biden makes the 3rd Dem President required to do so once again after Trump’s unMeidas touch.

      Also noteworthy, since 1981 the GOP has had: โ€ข 4 Presidents (24 years to the Dems 16) โ€ข and held majority control of Congress 26 years out of 40 (the past 10 straight). And going back a decade further you add the everything that came from the Nixon & Ford Presidencies to what the GOP has had to offer the country.

    3. Republicans are for the rich only and the ideologues…..single issue maniacs, scam artists, unintelligent businessman selling pillows..๐Ÿคซ…everyday Americans have no use for GOP…

    1. @xDarkxArenx Said no intelligent person who fact checks and doesn’t just believe what your chosen alt-right extremist propoganda opinion outlets says without ever considering if it’s factual or not.

    2. @Donald Strader well based on data from late 2019 (so 3 years in office) DJT presidential expenditures; so trips, security, other expenses equated to roughly 400 years worth of the annual presidential salary (and if we look a lot of the expenses will lead to rent and security improvements to mar o lago and bedminster)

    3. @Don’t SSleep It has always amazed me how easily the right could push through the colosal tax reduction This money will get away with the people who really work for it

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