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  1. The state of dancehall on most days, looks DIM. Dancehall has ALWAYS had gimmicks artists, Professor Nuts comes to mind but even Nuts was leagues and bounds ahead of what is being presented to us now. Amari and Queenie not only being on the show but being the headlines artists for a show such as Sting is a full on mockery of what dancehall was and what it could be.

    With that being said, I absolutely love the trajectory which Valiant is taking. May not necessarily agree with the message of Dunce Cheque and others but he is constantly putting in the work AND he did immediately put out Scholar which was a damn good follow up which NO ONE talks about. I think he definitely has the potential to take over dancehall and his decision to do an impromptu performance in the parking lot shows that he has an understanding of what it is about. Just stay out of trouble, stick to the music, learn as you go along and you’ll be aright yute.

    Topmann and Silkboss are also artists filled with potential to be top runners.

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