Strang sounds off on ‘privileged’ second home owners: “I may sound frustrated, but I am” | COVID-19

Nova Scotia's chief medical officer of health Dr. Robert Strang called on cottage owners to stop travelling between properties, and recognize it's "an extremely privileged position to be in."

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  1. There’s a type of sandwich served at Gitmo Bay, served up by Big Bob and made famous by Harold and Kumar….
    I feel he’s entitled to a double helping..👍👍👍

    1. Well apparently being born a certain skin colour is a privilege to these commies.

  2. My Mom, resident of Grey Buce complains about weekenders coming to the area presently, but then travelled to her cabin in Timmins..

  3. The right thing is for the government not to tell you that you can’t go to a property you own.

    1. @YKRealest that’s obvious nonsense, put it into Google right now and you can see thousands of examples of it being written both ways

      Try engaging with the point champ

    2. @ARK CON all you do is copy and paste to everyone, thinking you’re smart. Do everyone a favour, deport, or go catch it for yourself

    3. @YKRealest should I be more like you, going around and failing at correcting people’s grammar to look smart?

  4. You think you’re frustrated? I have a family physician masquerading as a “Top Doctor”.

  5. Why would anyone continue to pay property taxes, if they can’t even use their home… honestly, ridiculous.

    1. @wayne bayer The only one dying is you in your house, waiting for the government for permission to live.

    2. @wayne bayer how about all the Nova Scotian’s who died today from cancer, heart disease, diabetes etc? Our governments don’t really care about protecting its citizens from that, do they?

  6. Yeah, ok LOL If I have 2 properties because I worked hard to buy them, I will use them both, especially now.

  7. Working hard in Canada = You are privileged. According to this dink 👆🏻

    1. @OdysseyMe29 I agree. But we are talking about Canada. We live, work & pay taxes in Canada. Insulting regular Canadians because our governments have repeatedly failed for a year & a half is weak. But it’s what they are doing, dividing & blaming Canadians.

    2. You are privileged to live in Canada, to work in Canada, to have common sense, not that common, to know what is being said is common sense.

  8. Seriously! I go from one place to the other and back again and I am a threat!! You are insane!!!!

  9. Yeah whtevs sir…and are you politicans ready to do the same! Hot air…comming from… Green house gas here..l.

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