Studies Show Jamaican Children Working on Streets For Fast Money | TVJ News - July 14 2021 1

Studies Show Jamaican Children Working on Streets For Fast Money | TVJ News – July 14 2021


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  1. Children never asked to be here. Parents needs to be more responsible and do whatever it takes to supply the needs for their child/children. Children should enjoy their childhood. They shouldn’t have to help carry the burden of the household. There’s no way I could have my son walking the streets begging selling to earn money. A lot of people of kids but fail when it comes to proper parental responsibilities

  2. I don’t think they are working for “fast money”. I think they are having to work out of destitution. Call it what it is.

  3. Sorry its not ok for them to do this. Its worldwide. What are you doing to help. Hope its not only a study but a preventative measure should be taken

  4. I was apart of the child labour when I was smaller, as of ten years old I had to sell bagjuice in crossroad in KINGSTON. I hated it

    1. Glad you are out of it my friend, please give back to the youth that is in the shoe you use to be in.

  5. Where are their parents? This is the problem in jamaica crime problem, we have a assembly line of killers because of this.

  6. None not working on the street for survival. Them parents send them there. Especially the ones from Backto, Painland. That age statistics wrong cause when im coming off the toll i see see boys out there 7y.o and claim him a hustle. Them a cover and pretty up things. Talk truth man. Across Jamaica that study should run and not a segment part of the country. Job hard to get cause the mass requirements for many but nuff of them parents lack education so child follow that part.
    If money wasn’t a factor and perents wasn’t a push you think they be out there at risk.
    A yute 15y.o in Portmore love beg nuh like school and is a wealth man gi him $5K and tek him in the car go buy KFC and a go weh with him and he had to jump from the vehicle and tussle begin. His mother sent him and his brother out to get money to give her.
    They need to report things good and not go off things they make up in office

  7. This has been known for yrs, since day one on Jamaica. Everytime u want an eye catching topic to boost your program ratings…topic like this become center stage, Jack and Jill went up a hill and did study.. NOTHING HAS BECOME OF THE STUDY THEY DID!!! 30 yrs from now the kids will be still in the street hustling same way…

  8. Birth control should be COMPULSORY to those who can’t Afford giving Birth to what they can’t
    afford. Love will not provide for their

  9. A study was needed to figure that out……..the money used for salary for those who did the study could’ve done more than study the obvious!

  10. I’m so disgusted ! 2 years from now they will still be there on the streets just wait for it! All talk with ppl in Govt job compiling reports

  11. You don’t need to study that even the blind man can see if a man in people are working on the street every year

  12. I personally knows that some kids does this off their own mind bcz they want to help their parents provide for the family especially the boys in poor communities,so something definitely needs to be done about this and sometimes lead them to do illegal things.

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