Subway bread isn't bread: Irish court 1

Subway bread isn’t bread: Irish court


Ireland's Supreme Court ruled that bread sold by Subway restaurants in that country isn't actually bread due to high levels of sugar.

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  1. Of course a company claims it’s bread when they are trying to deceive their customers. It’s the same type of deception MacDonald’s uses.
    Just stop going to these places if u expect real food.

    1. @Microphone Hell I didn’t realize we were debating on a theoretical sliding scale. The premise of this vid was bringing to light a companies deceptive practices. Not if a human body can survive on sugar alone, or the quality of that life on said sugar. LOL

    2. Anyone notice how food portions are smaller than they were 20 years ago but the prices only get higher? But fast food companies will say that nothing changed. Bunch of liars.

    3. @Mainstream music mediocrity Same w/everything on the market…manufacturers have whittled down the sizes of everything but not the price…even a roll of toilet tissue is not cracked up to what it used to be. The only thing by law that can’t be whittled down is the weight of a loaf of bread.

    4. @Mainstream music mediocrity Human population size 2000. – 6,143,493,823. Human population size 2020 – 7,794,798,739. That’s a big increase for companies and the resources we do have for our need to consume. Balance

    1. If its because you’re on mobile and the suggested pops up… I swipe down a bit as if I’m about to minimize the screen but dont actually let go of the screen. The suggested videos disappear when you do that. Sorry if my directions arent clear or if this isnt even the problem you’re having.

    2. Ya just watching on my PC and text gets totally covers by your links to other videos. Should really hire a new video editor

    3. Just click the “picture in picture” button, it’s a blue button on the right side of the screen.
      It said “Subway disagreed with the characterization, saying that “Subway’s bread is, ofc, bread”

    1. @jazz hands Those aren’t ads. They’re built into youtube that a creator can use to promote their own videos and channel. Except that whoever is managing CTV’s Youtube is…not doing it right.

  2. Don’t you just love it when the “Look at my channel’s logo! Also, look at these screenshots of my other videos! They’re clickable links! on top of the video that you normally click to pause!” stuff covers the subtitles of a video?

    1. @Sam Regal i live in toronto and i’m sure theres just as much sugar in the subway bread here, its noticeably(at least to me) sweet

    2. Subway probably refused to deliver free sandwiches to the news staff. Real stories like how corrupt the govt is never get ran.

    3. WorldBuildFire – MC – CoC of course I’m joking. They always run stories of how corrupt the govt is. About every second day on average.

    4. @Jacob Hanna Don’t you notice the smell when you walk into a Subway? That smell is from the bread they’re baking up and it’s NOT a normal “bread baking” aroma! I can’t even walk into a Subway because of the smell.

  3. WTF is the point of having closed captions to support your story if your links cover half the screen for the last third of the video?

    1. @Matthew A Actually it is the video creates that put those kinds of ads there. Obviously a suit trying to be hip with the tech.

  4. “Let them eat cake”, she didn’t actually say, and look; they wound up eating it anyways.

    Ironies of the world. Welcome to the real reality.

    1. Cakes are usually made with lower protein flours than breads, cakes (anything with “cake” in the name, even) are usually cooked from a batter that you pour, not a dough.

      While I doubt it’s what Subway does, at all, you could ferment out all the added sugar with the yeast.

  5. Their bread’s not really bread. Their chicken’s not really chicken.
    Subway is on a roll! (just not one made of bread)

    1. @TheCogitech Why? cause of the extra sugar in this bread? is that what makes your statement make sense?

    2. @CynicalBroadcast My reply was somewhat tongue-in-cheek, but yes. Also, many refer to Guinness as a “sandwich in a can”. Try it and you will understand.

    3. @CynicalBroadcast Yes, because of the sugar in it, that makes it more of a pastry than a bread. Perhaps if you had more than two brain cells you’d understand the different classifications of foods.

    1. If it’s the random ads that pop up on the middle bottom screen, there’s an X on the corner right of it to exit it…

    2. @Justin Gates It isn’t even ads that are covering it up, it’s just their video they put so they can pull up more views which… really makes me not to do so

  6. I had this bread in Naples Italy that made it impossible to eat bread from fast food places ever again.
    Iranian & Georgian bread is quite nice too.

    1. I come from new england we’ve always real italian bakeries, also portugese and jewish–Subway bread is garbage.

    1. Capitalism in action, my friend…it’s only gonna get worse, because that’s what it is designed to do.

  7. What’s with not being able to get the smell off your hands for hours after eating a subway sub. No matter how much soap you use. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out these things are made with toxic waste

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