Succession: How Biden Will Unite America In A Post-Trump World | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

Succession: How Biden Will Unite America In A Post-Trump World | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC 1


    1. @sam epstein You should tell Robert Mueller. He spent almost 3 years looking for the evidence that only you and Schiff-for-Brains have seen, and he found none.

    2. @sam epstein Well show it then, cause no one did so far… The only thing they found was 1 big tech company using Russian bots to promote democrats in 2018.

      See how that works, election results where delayed in 2016 to investigate it as much as possible. In 2020 they rushed it and slammed aways evry attempt to look into it xD You want to unite but cant even say this.

    1. In Biden’s story about black kids touching his leg hairs, he calls them “COCKROACHES” instead of rats. I guess that’s why Dems love Margaret Sanger, but frankly I wish they’d use more humane methods to domesticate their rates and make them more productive instead of simply culling their (unborn and ten-gangsta) chill-drenddz.

  1. There will be no smoothing over, Brain washing, deleting of what has happened. We will remember how you looked when the sheets were off

    1. Joke Biden cost 12,000 American jobs on his first day even as he killed 4,400 Americans while he ignored Covid19 and attended inaugural parties and parades instead. Heckuva job, Joey.

    2. @Ras Kalév Valiante Elamb We were energy independent, had manufacturing back. Our economy was amazing during Trump. I could not find enough employees to meet my business demands, I had to raise the starting wage to $15 an hour. No better time for workers. Then covid hit. Biden will ship hundreds of thousands of jobs overseas by the time we recover.

    3. Antifa riotered against Biden and smashed/burned Dem Party offices in 4 States, so he alienated them, another fellow leftist Trudeau, Trump supporters (80% of Repubs), AND Google “troops turn backs on Biden motorcade,” now since the military/police, the most radical 5% of qanon and racist police-hating Repubs, and Antifa are 3 groups that don’t even like EACH OTHER, Biden DID sorta “unite”Americans… UNITED AGAINST BIDEN AND THE CRONYIST MEDIA/BIG TECH!!!

  2. Four years of relentless “not my President” vitriol and now we talking bout unity? Um, I think it’s a bit late for that now.

    1. But I thought they told us the election was the most secure in American history …. The media wouldn’t lie.. Would they…?

  3. He won’t. He was dividing before he ever got in office and on day one he continued. There will be no unity.

  4. Every US president talks about “uniting the country”. The reality is, the political landscape is as polarized as ever – and Biden is partially to blame. Many people have concerns about the legitimacy of his victory. It’s not a formula for bringing people together.

    The media is going to turn the brown-nosing and softball questions up to 11, in order to give the impression that everyone loves Joe Biden. After everything that has happened over the past few years, however, I think a lot more people can see through their charade.

  5. So far he’s allowed the MSM and the celebrities get away with calling for “ truth and reconciliation camps “ , calls for unity while your PARTY SCREAMS REVENGE is bull💩

  6. These people called half of Americans “racist cult members” for 4 years straight, now they’re calling for unity? Yeah ok

    1. whats funny is the media refusing to mention the left wing rioters against biden innaguration but if the roles were reveresed they would make this breaking news and inssurection,they would demand all arrested and charged but NOPE they get to riot and destroy while the media hides it from us…

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