Sullivan: China Is 'The Most Significant' Strategic Challenge Facing The United States | MSNBC 1

Sullivan: China Is ‘The Most Significant’ Strategic Challenge Facing The United States | MSNBC


Nearly 100 days into the Joe Biden's presidency, National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan joins Andrea Mitchell to discuss the foreign policy challenges facing the administration, from Russia to China to Iran.
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    1. @SMS There’s a kid in school smarter than my kid that is the Most Strategic Challenge Facing my family…

    1. @Ver Coda And the same is going on with several other countries, but does that mean there’s going to be another WW…not likely.

    2. @Moritz Eggermont How has any of this changed over the years? China and Russia have been moving troops back and forth to the borders. I think people need to understand that these are men, and men like stretching their leadership. But in the end they will pull them back when other nations rear up and take a stand. This is just one of the reason I feel NO man should be in any controlling position…their egos get in the way of rationalization.

    1. @Klaus World how else do you think we compete against China a country that owns shares and gets involved with its corporations and funds them? By allowing the “free market” to do the heavy lifting. Ffs, we’re decades beyond that train of thinking move on to the reality of the world today and realize that our corporations aren’t going to get there alone. That a massive rethink is underway whether you like it or not and that the world is changing and for the better.

    2. @RILLA that’s called socialism at work. Great Britain did it under labour government during 40s and 60s

  1. Sergeant Robert Justin alford green at nellis AFB and Deborah freedman where is my daughter Jahmela and her 4 children and what have you done to them.

  2. First of all this dude has a 1970’s comb over. Secondly, I hope Joe does his State of the Union from his Deleware basement.

  3. I beg to differ the republicans policy to overthrow democracy is the most serious threat to the constitution,country and our democracy.


  5. An export tariff on oil (Keystone oil currently goes by rail to Seattle area ports) and coal to China can be done by Presidential executive order. Good sanction against Iran/China contract to violate Iran sanctions.

  6. That’s true,you need an expert broker and account manager to make good profit from Bitcoin trade

  7. “… we welcome competition with China …” (“… just so long as they don’t win”, he means)!

  8. The observation (of a lack of diversity in the State dept) ‘all the way back to its origins…’ doesn’t qualify as being ‘several hundred years’. A ‘few hundred’, yes. ‘Several hundred’, no.

  9. Sullivan: “We will stand up for the rules of the roads and we will expect China to operate by it.” You play Checkers, China play Chess. You try to make China play Checkers with your rules. Yeah right, you are not afraid of competition.

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