Sunisa Lee wins gold; Friday features U.S. women's soccer and track 1

Sunisa Lee wins gold; Friday features U.S. women’s soccer and track


Sunisa Lee extends America's gold medal streak in all-around. A reigning world champion tests positive for COVID-19. USWNT are back on Friday.

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    1. @N A The Olympic All Around title literally means you are the best in the world. There is literally no higher honour in the sport of gymnastics. Not sure why you think otherwise? 🤔
      Also I am not contesting Simone’s gymnastics career. I am questioning her decision to quit and how she did it. The majority of people are actually alot more harsh than I am. The reason why I am questioning it is because I know the rules of gymnastics. She had time to withdraw from the competition. She knew she wasn’t doing well in training. In warm ups she threw a 1.5 twist before she threw it again in the team finals. It literally shows where her head space was at before she walked out onto that floor. She didn’t just feel that way the moment she hit the podium. When you call yourself the GOAT act like the GOAT and give someone else an opportunity to compete.

    2. @Ashley Also thanks for having an actually debate without resorting to name calling and cursing and all the unneeded aggression that comes with arguing over the internet much appreciated. Have a good day☺️

    3. @N A I mean this respectfully but Americans have themselves to blame for putting so much pressure on Simone. NBC is awful. If they did just a hint of research they would have known before the team competition started that Russia was the better team outscoring them on every event except vault. NBC has to do better. Not Americans fault by any means, but don’t believe everything Tim Dagget and Nastia Liukin say! They’re literally paid to make Americans look their best. Tim Dagget went on and on about how if the USA sent their “B Team” they would still win gold! Like who says that without doing their research first! You’re in sports journalism make an educated statement. It’s literally your job to give people the FACTS! I was never disappointed that USA won the silver because I knew that was a realistic goal for them before they ever stepped out on the competition floor.

      Simone is great I will never contest her accomplishments. But she was not great at these Olympic Games. Is she still the GOAT? Does someone who calls themselves the GOAT withdraw from a competition? I don’t know? Her actions to me do not define greatness. But we can agree to disagree. And that’s okay. 😉

      Congratulations again to Sunisa Lee! You’re an AA Olympic Champion. Such an accomplishment. She’s a lovely gymnast and I hope she takes the gold in UB as well. 🥇

    4. @N A O MY GOODNESS!!!! You are SOOOO RIGHT!! These IDIOTS cannot celebrate the achievement of this amazing young lady without TRYING to make a comparison that is really not one to make. GOOD DEAR!! Leave Simone out of this! She did not compete here and is NOT a factor here but DO NOT tarnish Suni’s accomplishments by comparing her to Simone’s because they are INCOMPARABLE. GHEEZ!!

  1. Couldn’t be more proud of Suni Lee!! She is truly a Hero of these games and I wish nothing but the best for her and her family. Never been more proud of being a Hmong American!! ❤️

  2. I could not be happier!! She’s the one I was rooting for the entire time. I was not at all surprised by this result, considering her consistency. So proud of her!

  3. FANTASTIC JOB by Suni Lee!! WOW! This makes up for Simone withdrawing like…a MILLION Times over!! Now, go out there and win a few more medals Suni! Come on Jade, Jordan and Grace!!!

  4. Suni was always DOPE…. I suppose everyone forgot about worlds in 2019??? The entire US Gymnastics team is DEEP. I am super excited for Suni; & the ENTIRETY of Women’s Gymnastics. They are all exceptional and dedicated to their craft. It’s easy for dimwits to sit in the stands/internet and critique. 
    There are a select FEW who persevere through abuse, injury, personal loss & PRESSURE. I celebrate & appreciate ALL of these beautiful women from all over the world.

    1. She saved America from total embarrassment after that Simone fiasco and the build up to all the great things she’s going to do at Tokyo, such as melting down when she realized her best wasn’t cutting it anymore. I’m glad Suni won it.

    2. @Susan Urban I didn’t know you were a world class and decorated gymnast? It’s always that one person who has to pick over someone else’s life just to make their own dumpster fire of a life worth living. You people fold like a house of cards when presented with even a small amount of difficulty but expect a stranger to meet your expectations just for entertainment purposes.

  5. Suni Lee you’re a superstar in gymnastics. You airways have a smile on your face. Proud of you😋👏👏👏

  6. She’s so amazing. Her routines were so strong. She literally deserved that gold medal and definitely, another gymnast to look forward on the coming Olympics.

  7. Reading a lot of comments here about Simone vs Suni. I hope Simone stans aren’t salty about the win. We all should be proud of Suni. She carried on the tradition of an American being the best in the world for 20 years. She holds the title now. Let’s hope she stays competitive and makes a run in another 4 years.

    1. Most of those comments making the comparison are bashing Simone sooo….obviously it’s not our camp. We support all these ladies no matter who they are or where they place because every single one of them are OUR champions. They work too hard to be compared and pitted against one another because fans don’t have enough sense to celebrate both.Congrats to Simone for having the courage to prioritize HERSELF over other peoples expectations.Congrats to Suni and her amazing performance because she not only did represent for her family and country she did it for her culture, she deserves this.

    2. @Carnesha white listen up folks….Suni fans…no need throwing shade at Simone for withdrawing. Celebrate Suni and her big victory without comparing one gold to simones 25 lol. Simone stans, many consider biles the GOAT, but she’s not currently the best in the world anymore. The torch has been passed. If Simone can get it together and reclaim it next year, the title can be hers again, but until then it belongs to Suni.

  8. Shocking. Lee doesn’t quit and actually wins the event. That’s what I’m talking about. Pass the torch, please.

  9. She came a long way from practicing in her backyard on DIY equipment because her parents couldn’t afford real equipment 👏🇺🇲

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