Supporters of Texas death row inmate Rodney Reed seek stay of execution

Supporters of Texas death row inmate Rodney Reed seek stay of execution 1


Outcry is growing from an army of supporters, including celebrities, clergy and state lawmakers, trying to stop the execution of Texas death row inmate Rodney Reed, who is set to die in less than two weeks. CNN's Ed Lavandera reports. #CNN #News

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  1. Wow. I wouldn’t want Finnell’s lawyer….talk about limited….


    • @Melissa Steinhauer “Holding documents printed on paper gathered by transcripts?” Did you just throw some courty-evidence type words together to make it sound like you know what you’re talking about? Lol. If I print the documents that I read online will it change the evidence??

    • @Melissa Steinhauer You should be embarrassed if you’ve “been on this case a long time” and still think he’s innocent. Do you even know that he denied knowing all the other rape victims until they told him they had his semen in all victims? Then he said he was having “SECRET AFFAIRS” with the victims?? Did you know he got off of a prior rape charge in 1987 by testifying to the court that she was his “SECRET GIRLFRIEND??!!” Does this not sound oddly familiar?

  3. 3:24

    “each one of these stories is laughably uh, lacking in uh credibility”

    Yet, they believe the story of innocence from a man who spent 10yrs in prison for kidnapping and raping a woman while he was on duty?

    Corruption runs deep within the justice system.

    • @Every Word Is A Made-Up Word fiance.

    • @maleb1964 _ I don’t think anyone is or could be sympathetic of a person who would commit such a crime. As for her cheating on him, I doubt his lack of respect would revolve strictly around that.

      Millions of men have been cheated on, but that didn’t make them abduct and rape other women.

    • Every Word Is A Made-Up Word | November 12, 2019 at 12:41 AM | Reply

      @Anton Gauna oh, what about the fact that a 12 year old girl had Rodney Reed’s DNA in her anus?

    • Anton Gauna that’s not the point, the point was it’s possible he got pushed over the edge by the affair and to say that crimes after the fact indicate he has no respect for women is a bit far fetched. It’s not uncommon for people to lack empathy for others (women), especially when the mind is on damage control mode, constantly trying to assert dominance and being unfeeling to prevent further trauma.

      It doesnt even matter how many men did xyz. You assumed that this man cared about his fiancé like other men and you also assumed his predisposition to acting in a way is “odd”. The fact is, even if he did the crime, it isn’t beyond reason that his Reed was completely in the wrong to begin and execution is a punishment far too light for the trauma done.

    • @maleb1964 _ No, that’s your point and logic to say or presume that he got pushed over the edge by the affair. Only then to commit the crimes of abduction and rape.

      You sound like an enabler.

      That being said, the person actually responsible should be behind bars. At least that’s something we can agree upon, hopefully!? 🤔

  4. This is one of those “I’M WHITE AND I SAY SO ” cases.

    • @GemMint1952Mantle and those making money off of the publicity. How much are his white attorneys making by stirring up the black community and making them think the whites are killing a black man to protect a white cop?

    • @Every Word Is A Made-Up Word ….I seriously doubt if he committed the crimes you’re refering to….

    • Every Word Is A Made-Up Word | November 14, 2019 at 9:38 PM | Reply

      @Sola Sunny *Rodney Reed’s DNA was found in the rectum of a 12-year-old girl who had been violently sodomized on her couch. He was accused of rape by, or his DNA was linked to 4 other rape victims from 1987 to 1996.*

      *A 7th woman named Linda Schleuter accused Rodney Reed of attempting to rape her in the same area where Stites’ body was found, and threatening to kill her if she resisted. Rodney Reed’s lengthy history of sexually assaulting young women is how authorities linked him to the Stites murder – because his DNA was already on file from his previous sexual assaults.*

    • Every Word Is A Made-Up Word | November 14, 2019 at 9:41 PM | Reply

      @Sola Sunny You think Rodney Reed was innocent all 7 times he was accused by young women of rape, or his DNA was found inside the rape victim?

      You can believe whatever you want of course, I’m just trying to get facts out that the media purposely omits because they don’t fit the media’s agenda.

    • @web_crawler ….Hardly can Imagine his skin color had something to do with that. I’m from the Netherlands. Luckely we don’t have that kind of bullshit. More important is if the judge (in compagny of 2 ‘lower judges in rang) likes you as a person, culture, herritage and ethnics and how they go allong with your ‘crime’… (no jury). F.a not every judge takes domestic violence serious…If they hit there wifes themselves into the hospital, they won’t convict the man. Maybe 40 hours community service but

      that’s it…A female judge who maybe experienced it herself, will punish the same guy with 240 hours (the max) community service…and 2 years parole…It’s about the persons who meet eachother in court and the crime…skin color is no issue. Why should it?

      Everyone even a judge is terrible affraid to be called a racist. Or ancestors committed terrible crimes against black people. We ain’t forget that and learned from it. Walking on eggshelves not to be called a racist. Being accused of that. So people with a colored skin mostly don’t get a serious sentence. You’re lucky if you’re black when you stand in court….Totally the opposit of America….

  5. Gary CHEVY Only | November 10, 2019 at 8:16 PM | Reply

    If he was put to death when he was found guilty it wouldn’t be 21 years later and all of this money wasted.

  6. baashdi hobstocking | November 11, 2019 at 8:13 PM | Reply

    am i noticing, a lot of seemingly puppet accounts commenting?
    can you pick out the shill accounts commenting?

  7. Why didn’t they test the belt for DNA or stuff like that. I know they test a car seat, cloths, and paint, and track things up

  8. Chris Remerscheid | November 12, 2019 at 8:26 PM | Reply

    They found wet saliva with Rodney’s DNA on her chest, if her fiancee had murdered her and left the car at the High School, without taking a taxi he would’ve had to of run ~6 hrs to be at his residence to receive the phone call he got about her missing.

  9. There getting old sparky cleaned up and ready ! — dead man walking !

  10. A racial program for the 20th century is not a hoax

  11. If oprah gets involved you know he’s guilty!

  12. Better that 10 guilty men go free than to have killed one innocent man!

    • @SsSs RoBbSs BS ROb

    • @Last Call Sorry, Call, just insulting people won’t make Reed any less guilty.

    • @Last Call You are obviously an intellectual heavyweight, and you make a persuasive argument. I understand that you are the type of guy that likes to protect child r@ping murderers, but I prefer punishing dudes like that. ✌🏿

    • @FACTBOT 5000 coming from someone who ignores all the facts against Jimmy fennell…whatever you say fact-bot.

    • @Last Call FACTBOT is the most advanced fact espousing technology available. No facts are ignored.

      Here are some more facts:
      1. You are defending a man who put his d!ck in a 12 year old. Congratulations on that.
      2. His still wet saliva was on the chest of Stites’s dead body.
      3. You believe a rapist that claimed to have “consentual relationships” with several of his r@pe victims.
      4. Reed already had a trial by jury and 16 appeals and over twenty years to make his case. Guilt was established every time.

      I’m glad you are proud to protect this behaviour, but reasonable people don’t think child r@pe, adult r@pe, or murder are defendable acts.

  13. What about the hate crime of Jimmy and his threat

    • LeAnne MC. : exactly that seems like a bigger motive to kill

    • ​ THERE IS NO WAY RODNEY IS GUILTY!!. Stacey’s friend reported that Stacey talked to her about her cheating with Rodney while at work so Rodney didn’t make up the story. The other ”assault” charges against Rodney were never proven against Rodney. The racist boyfriend has proven rape and kidnapping charges on him and he is an ex-cop too!! meaning he knows how to get rid of fingerprints and other evidence of the victim that would not implicate him. Rodney has no motive to kill Stacy while the racist boyfriend has a really very CLEAR!! motive to kill her if he ever found out she was cheating with a black guy. Rodney is very clearly not Guilty!! And a re-trial wound 100% prove his innocence and the ex-cop racist boyfriends guiltiness because they have tons fo DNA evidence that was never tested decades ago while DNA technology wasn’t that good, and that evidence could be tested now with better technology and it would prove the ex-boyfriend is guilty.

  14. Specially the area it is in. That’s my area Bastrop, Tx

  15. And Jimmy confusion about killing his n loving wife

    • He didnt confess, someone else claimed he told them. Thats not a confession..

    • Thelongmanable | November 17, 2019 at 2:48 AM | Reply

      *_Richard Reed isn’t innocent yes “They may of had affair” but she was face down and strangled with a belt hmmm DOES ANYONE WATCH PORN… FACE DOWN BUTT UP WITH A BELT AROUND HER NECK HELD BY REED who accidentally killed her then dumped the body.. Also the semen freshness was never given. Simple question to ask Reed or her ex fiance is “What type sex she was into”._*

  16. What about under her nails no DNA from scratches

  17. How convenient that people do not mention how Rodney’s saliva was found on Stacy’s chest in the forensic evidence. Like we’re all supposed to believe that she never showered since her supposed last sexual encounter with Rodney according to his claim.

  18. The facts are clear. Reed is definitively guilty, and it has been proven beyond ANY doubt.

    There is misinformation being spread about this case by dishonest people. Don’t believe the lies. He is undoubtedly guilty of this, and many other horrible crimes.

  19. Trials back then was bad asf. We got new technology now, i feel like Reed has to have a fair trial with the new technology we have

    • New technology wont erase the dna she had on and in her dead body. The dna that Reed always fails to mention that doesn’t match his current story. It won’t magically poof into existence a phone record that never existed that he claims does. It won’t make the more than half a dozen other rape accusations (including a child), some of which fits the same exact description of this case disappear. Sorry, the man is guilty as hell.

    • He would be ten times more guilty if that were the case.

  20. Rodney Reed Be innocent !!!  Just Like OJ Simpson Is Innocent !!!   LOL

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