Supreme Court Justice Breyer to retire

Justice Breyer has been facing calls to retire while Democrats can fill his seat in the highest court in the land.

Biden had promised during his presidential campaign to name a Black woman to the Supreme Court for the first time in American history.

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  1. This means President Biden gets to appoint a new Justice (unless Mitch McConnell convinces Manchin and Sinema to hold the seat open until after the midterms in November).

  2. Let’s see how this president does on this appointment. After the Afghanistan debacle, inflation, handling of the virus, wide-open borders, his choice of some of his cabinet members, his dealings with Russia and China, his failed bills/policies, the supply chain, and the evacuation of Americans from Ukraine, doesn’t leave too much hope that he will choose wisely.

    1. No other than renominate Judge Garland. He deserves to be in this position. He was deprived in 2016 and now it is his time to be on the bench.

    2. @susan deleon Maybe someone a little younger? Why does everyone in the democrat party have to be 70+ years old.

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