Supreme Court signals support of website designer in Colorado case | USA TODAY


  1. That’s HER business, go find someone else that will do your design, why force it on her pretty sure she is not the only one that offers web design.

    1. She is the plaintiff who brought about the case, not a same sex couple. This is a theoretical case that should have never been brought to the courts attention.

    2. @TheCoolOwen If you were right the Supreme Court would not have taken this case. But you’re wrong. She brought this case to challenge existing law.

  2. I side with the lady is her business and if she wants to refuse somebody over offensive words or words that she don’t agree with then I feel like it’s her right I don’t feel like issues making a statement like she doesn’t want to give a gay person a cake that’s a different thing I am a Christian. I wouldn’t refuse to be around someone that is LGBT or of a different religion but where I would draw the line is having to say or do something that goes against my beliefs.

    I’m pretty sure that she would deny service to even straight married couple that have something vulgar or disrespectful or offensive messages that goes against her beliefs.

    1. So it’s ok if she uses her rights to disrespect those who disagree with her, but not the other way around? Read what you said over again and please just notice the hypocrisy of your opinion.

  3. As a normal and sane person with common sense in my head, if a company makes it clear it doesn’t want my money/business, I go to another company that does… it’s pretty simple really

    1. @tein rothrock video marine… I’ve already been through a revolution….wake up before USA is invaded more by china

    2. @vtechaspower move on.. I’ve dealt with kkk about moving here… I’m not OPPRESSED…so move on from the past

    3. @tein rothrock china communist ideology documentation education 🎭 repeat lie’s over and over till you believe it..then..only then…do they get their children back

  4. Did anyone actually think the SC was about to force a religious person to violate their beliefs? There’s ample precedent to the contrary.

  5. What happened to we have the right to refuse service????? Growing up I remember seeing those signs everywhere!!!

    1. What happened to feeding christians to the lions????? That seems alot more logical than it did before.

    2. @Fallen Star Ministries you want to include Muslims in your homicidal fantasies as well? They’re much less accepting of the alphabet people that Christian countries

  6. great, she should be free to choose who she does work for. On a seperate note, the world doesn’t revolve around gay folks

  7. If you own a business you should be able refuse to serve who you wish period. The government should stay out of the free market.

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