Supreme Court To Hear Appeal Of Ruling That Overturned Boston Marathon Bomber's Death Sentence 1

Supreme Court To Hear Appeal Of Ruling That Overturned Boston Marathon Bomber’s Death Sentence


The Supreme Court has agreed to hear the appeal of a lower court ruling that overturned the death penalty for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who killed and wounded many in the Boston marathon bombing. NBC's Pete Williams has details. Aired on 03/22/2021.
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Supreme Court To Hear Appeal Of Ruling That Overturned Boston Marathon Bomber's Death Sentence


  1. This is why the wheels of Justice turn slowly. One slip and the perpetrators will use it to slip away.

    1. They turn slowly because there is no justice. We are ruled by criminals who make us believe this is real.

    2. @Penny Sutch it’s funny that you think that because prior torhe heavy censorship and blatent disrespect of the Constitution of the United States of America. These things were self evident

      They were paid actors even the amputee were actors. Get this…the same company in charge of Warp SPEED..IS THE same company that contracts propaganda and misimformation for the my friend are brainwashed

    3. @SeedPlanter no disrespect intended.I am concerned about how you are looking at the how this man destroyed people’s lives.stay safe.

  2. That guy has been alive far too long and laughing at us the entire time. I do feel that if he is executed, he gets his way of being a Martyr, which I don’t want. Quite the dilemma.

    1. @Merkava4IMI Oh, please. You started with nonsense about receiving stimulus money, I pointed out that would have happened under the previous administration. You bring up such nonsense because you are either a troll, or none too bright, or both. You are incapable of discussing the issue, the appeals process

    2. @Christine King “WOULD have happened”, so you’re making an assumption, got it. The Queen of assumptions, Christine King, is that your real name?

    3. @Christine King 75 people on this thread agree on the same thing, yet Christine is busy with assumptions and then calling people trolls or not too bright. Hilarious.

    4. @Christine King Everyone is apparently less bright than you are if they don’t agree with you while you post assumptions instead of facts. Go back to 2nd grade and learn the difference between a fact and an assumption and then come back and run your mouth.

    5. @Rise Again not true at all because it only costs more in legal fees if the death penalty is sought. In this case it has already been ruled that he should be sentenced to death and now the Democrats want to rack up more legal fees to keep him in a cell draining tax payer money.

    1. @John Galt009 Not much on communicating your ideas to people, are you?
      Fine if you don’t want to actually defend your thoughts.
      I do sincerely wish for you happiness, safety, health, and peacefulness.

    2. @MNTribeFan Au contraire; just not into self-torture w your lack of perception. Some day you might discern, but apparently not today. Mais, Bon chance.

    3. @John Galt009 If someone is saying they aren’t understanding what you are say, your reaction is belittle and not try at all to bridge the gap.
      Happiness, safety, health, and peacefulness to you.

    4. @Logic Police The merits of the case itself and evidence are not considered when the Supreme Court rejects it on the basis that it is “moot”. But when the Supreme Court refuses to hear it before ballot counting is completed with the justification that there has been no harm yet, then rejects it on mootness afterward, you’re left with a situation where half the country is convinced (rightly or not) that justice was not done. And when you look back at the 2016 election, which was shouted form the rooftops and investigated non-stop for more than two years, and compare it to 2020, where even mentioning fraud gets people deplatformed, questions of conspiracy aren’t too far-fetched.

    1. I would give them Life Without Parole rather than the death penalty because LWoP lasts much longer. It’s a much harsher punishment. After the death penalty is carried out, the punishment is over. I don’t the want the punishment to be artificially shortened — I want it to last as long as possible.

    2. DoomBeagle – I wouldn’t be upset if he met the same fate as Jeffrey Dahmer or Whitey Bulger.

  3. Sometimes death is to easy. Sometimes life in prison is not enough. I say he gets tortured. We are not suppose to be like that but terrorists deserve it so that it sends a message.

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  5. So, we’ll be paying for this killers prison sentence for years to come? Some more wonderful news for americans

  6. Wow, why, does China want him dead or something? Because that’s who the SCOTUS apparently works for

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  8. _”…one of two brothers accused and convicted of planting bombs [at the Boston Marathon]._
    Pretty sure only one of the brothers was convicted—the other was unavailable.

  9. Life imprisonment, pictures of his victims and their immediate family members stuck on the prison wall, lethal injection too easy on him

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