Supreme Court To Hear Case On Voting Restrictions In Arizona | MSNBC 1

Supreme Court To Hear Case On Voting Restrictions In Arizona | MSNBC


The Supreme Court is expected to hear a case out of Arizona with big implications on voting rights. The court will decide whether restrictions on voting in the wrong precinct and ballot collection disproportionately hurts voters of color and violate federal law. Katie Barlow, a lawyer and media editor for the SCOTUS blog, joins American Voices to weigh in on the larger impacts of the Arizona decision, how conservative this majority conservative court really is, and what’s next for Justice Stephen Breyer. 

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Supreme Court To Hear Case On Voting Restrictions In Arizona | MSNBC


  1. The Supreme Court must side with our Constitutional right to vote as an American citizen.

    1. @free markets also your statement is Racist and you should be ashamed, stating that all minorities are poor and caint afforded an ID has to be one of the most RACIST things you could imply. You must be a biden follower

    2. @Styer 00 so you don’t grasp that you go through the same process getting an ID, as you do when you register to vote? Who is the one making excuses as for why people should do it twice and pay for it? . Mald harder fascist

    3. @Styer 00 awww the poor fascist can’t refute the objective facts of reality that debunks their weak claim false and tries to project themselves onto others in a typical logical fallacy response . You must be a fascist trumpet

    4. You have the right to vote..the house bill is about voter fraud not suppression. Read the bill stop believing pelosi..

  2. The Roberts led Supreme Court has consistently been anti voter in its rulings. Don’t hold your breath on a pro voter ruling.

    1. @Muhammad Kingson It’s hard to take moral criticism from people who execute homosexuals and who don’t let women drive…

    2. @C Grey Odd because my state Missouri does in fact NOT require you to prove who you are.

      I applied online and filled out the info and never had to give them any photo ID etc. I received my voter registration card and that is all I needed to vote.

      Now if I had gone into one of those buildings to register to vote I would of been forced to show proof of who I am, but you don’t when applying ONLINE in my state.

      I wonder if more states are like that as well.

    3. Actually it’s been pro Article II Section 1 Clause II of the USC as written in the USC… until the election when it mysteriously refused to hear the case that 4 battleground states Gov’s/Sec of States decided to unlawfully “modify/change” their voting laws in violation of A2S1C2

    4. @GallowsPole805 Sorry but that is not true. They stated that the states had PLENTY of time to sue the changes prior to the election but decided to WAIT until after the election didn’t go their way to sue.

      You can’t wait till the election doesn’t turn out the way you wanted it to, to challenge the legitimacy of voting laws implemented MONTHS before the elections.

      They didn’t mysteriously not hear them, they said WHY they refused to hear them and I explained that above.

    5. @GreenKrickett No I agree that those complaining should have grabbed the bull by the horns sooner and made their case before Election Day… but that still does not change the fact that Gov’s/Sec of States in battleground states (Penn, GA, Michigan, AZ, etc) unlawfully and blatantly violated A2S1C2 of the USC…. Period. Those of us in the know about our Constitution ( most prominently Mark Levy) called them on the Constitutional violations in late spring of 2020. Most assumed that a child molesting, Ukraine extorting, mental invalid would fade fast in the face of the Trump Train. What they did not factor in was the massive impact the fraud (Violation of A2S1C2) would have on what should have been a smooth ride to re-election for Trump. President Harris and VP Biden are in DC because of an election where the Constitution was ignored. That’s basic Constitutional Election Law 101.

  3. I expect some twisty contortions and bad dancing as the SCOTUS tries to fix their really bad decision on the Voting Rights Act.

    1. A really Bad Cha-cha-cha is comming. My blood is already boiling. The Vote is a Right that the GOP wsnts only for a few and not for all!

  4. They need to do the right thing for everybody to vote everybody has to vote that’s my opinion

    1. @Wuhan Institute Of Virology well I’d guess almost everyone that voted for Trump would fall into that category so I’m with ya .. no more low IQ voting good plan comrad !!

    2. @Cody Russow The people who voted for Trump are the ones who don’t need welfare to make it in life…

    3. @Eric Duggan All I know is Lefties sure hate Putin and they really don’t have a convincing explanation why. So he must be one of the good guys…

    4. @Eric Duggan That “bounties on American Soldiers” story was debunked. It turns out it was Liberal Media fake news…

    5. @Wuhan Institute Of Virology the ones that most live off of it want to end it ? like he said he loves the uneducated. Sorry but that’s not how Republicans roll ,they thrive off of keeping people poor ,uneducated etc …

  5. They gutted section five of the voting right act and John Roberts was behind this. He didn’t think it was needed anymore. The problems we see today in many Republican states is a direct result of this. It’s a problem and the court is politicized.

    1. The right always adjusts the law so that regardless of whether they are hugely outnumbered, they still retain power.

    2. @RYNNY KITTY The right always adjusts the law so that regardless of whether they are hugely outnumbered, they still retain power.

    3. @outdoor fun oh, I think you have that backwards. It is obvious, if you have a half of a brain, that the Republicans will do anything to win…even commit an insurrection

    4. @Henk Smitif that were true then why is the lefts agenda progressing faster than a speeding bullet! This is what Obama pushed through and we had a 4 year reprieve and now it’s getting through! We are going to reap this agenda and many if not most will suffer greatly! All you have to do is look at California, new york and illinois! The entire country is going to look like a giant cess pool!

  6. Another hearing by the Moscow Mitch Unsupreme court. Hold your breath, everybody. Another nail in the democracy coffin. How many want to watch? I am so done watching this GOP coup.

    1. That’s how they get ya. Wear out your soul w constant lies which you can’t digest…switch it off…it’s the news..not your neighbors( republicans)

    2. They might have Moscow Mitch but we have ‘Mexico Mayorkas’ who lied to the American people about the southern border being closed. We also have California representative Adam Schiff Who stood on the floor of the house of representatives and lied to the American people.

    3. What’s a “Moscow Mitch”? Explain yourself. BTW: the only attack on democracy would be the Democrats’ attempted coup, spending 4 years and > $35mil of taxpayer monies trying to overthrow a duly elected Republican POTUS.

  7. McConnell’s threat to block a judicial nomination before it is even made seems like extortion. Has the GOP become a criminal racket? How much money do the demand for a fair hearing?

    1. McConnell is a waste of taxpayers money. He does nothing for Americans. He blocks everything! He doesn’t want to work. He should resign immediately!

    2. @Moire Garner He is a waste, so is Schumer, Pelosi, Schiff, Sasse, almost the entire lot of them…..none of them work for American citizens.

    3. Me and my imaginary ‘registered democrat friends’ are voting for bozo the clown next time.

  8. Just remember The conservative Supreme Court gutted section 5 because they said there was no need for it anymore because southern states were no longer racist. The very next day republicans started introducing laws to restrict voting. It is directly tied to the Supremes court decision and you know this because they didn’t change it before. It’s been 7 straight years of republicans doing everything they can to stop minorities from voting. Harris County in Texas use to have 2800 different polling places to vote in 2012. Harris county is majority democrat. Harris county is over 1700 miles long and has 4 million people who live there. In 2020 Harris county had 1 polling place for 4 million people and depending on where you lived it could take you 3 or 4 hours to drive there. Republicans got rid of all of those polling places for what? To stop minorities and democrats from voting PERIOD.

    1. @Shirlee Hicks As an example: until October of 2018, one could not vote by mail in PA UNLESS one offered a valid excuse to be absent from one’s polling place on Election Day. In other words: to vote by mail required permission from election authorities.
      Happily, the GOP led PA Assembly and Senate passed amendments to PA voting laws, with the support of the Democratic minority, which permits voting by mail without necessity of any such permission.
      Voting by mail in states is not nearly as easy as some suggest, i.e., obtain a ballot, mark, stuff into envelope, sign, stamp and drop in a USPS mail slot. The Texas story is not uncommon or unique.

    2. @C Grey I’m not aware of any federal legislation enabling it. The states handle their own voting laws, and they all allowed mail-in voting in 2020 due to covid. You got your “win” — take it stop complaining.

    3. @Shirlee Hicks If there’s no federal enabling statute which provides for universal mail-in voting, then the assertion that same existed in all states due to COVID19 is nothing more than an unsupported personal opinion and/or unsupported conclusion.
      The discrepancy is not a matter of “winning” or “losing.” It’s a matter of being factually reliable. Or not.

  9. This is another massive test for your country. Hope it goes the right way. Everyone should have a fair opportunity to vote without hassle.

    1. @MrEkzotic You are making a controversy where there should not be one. EVERY CITIZEN, 18 years or older (which we have deemed are adults), of the United States should be able to vote. When you imply the uninformed should not be able to vote, please bare in mind that is how it was when the founding fathers wrote the Constitution…when slaves were property and women did not have the ability to vote. You had to own land to vote. In fact, the slaves were counted as 3/5th of a person and their owners were allowed to cast votes based on the slaves they owned, can you imagine a slave voting to stay a slave?
      We have evolved as a nation since then as it should be.

      And I think people…citizens of the United States should not have to pay for an ID. You falsely said people can’t figure out how to get one.

      Also, when you say people are voting on a person’s skin color or height, you may be talking about those people who voted for Trump, he had no political experience, which we now know is actually a good thing to have when running a nation.

    2. @Freedom Is Slavery Cite the objective, reliable, credible, replicable sources of fact which support that conclusion.

    3. @MrEkzotic No one needs an ID, other than a voter’s registration card, at a polling precinct. Voters already passed the eligibility tests for citizenship and minimum age when applying to register. If those procedures are doubted, there’s no point in having state requirements for registration.
      Cite the objective, credible, reliable, replicable and source-referenced evidence — facts only, please — which supports the implication that non-citizens are voting.
      Cite the provision of the US Constitution and/or federal statutes which bar voting by those who do not have a federally recognized identification card.

    1. @Brandy Courvoisier why were they confused on father’s day? Conservatives actually have fathers.

    2. @Brandy Courvoisier Surely you can find plenty of credible lunacy within the GOP to ridicule without having to invent crap.

    3. @l s Thinking of killing judges, court clerks, bailiffs, attorneys, court administrators, gallery sitters, parties to litigation, eh?

    1. Heather C, nice thought, but as Roberts allowed Citizens United in 2010, do you think he sounds like a man who admits he makes errors? Imo, he’s been bought and paid for a long time ago, like Phoney Barrett.

    2. Me and my imaginary ‘registered democrat friends’ are voting for bozo the clown next time.

    1. The only differences between Iran and what the Religious Reich wants here is the dress code and what book is used to rationalize the atrocities they want to commit

    1. Tbh i don’t care how biden does it, put more seats on the supreme court, or fill in the RBG seat, we have to stop playing fair! The commies never play fair when the previous administration didnt do jackshit.

    1. Too bad normal or good people also lack a conscience.
      Too many panglossians.
      Evil people prevail when good people do nothing.

    2. Well, Satanists still call themselves “Satanists” but Republicans don’t want to show their hand that obviously so, “Repuglican” will have to suffice.

  10. So do they just get to keep bringing Obamacare to the court until they get their desired result?

  11. We need people who will stop “reading the tea leaves’ spoof and bamboozle” and read the U.S. Constitution. The 15th Amendment is clearly states in Section 1. The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude–

    1. If SCOTUS guts the rest of the voting rights and/or upholds it Either way, we will have to show up in full force in 2022 to vote out every Republican we can in every state so we can get majorities in state Legislatures and in the US Legislature to stop this voter restriction Republicans are doing.

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