Supreme Court welcomes Ketanji Brown Jackson after investiture ceremony | USA TODAY


  1. Oh my God I love her skin color! I’m so happy she is black! So black! This is perfect! I wonder if she is also a lesbian? That would be even better! 🤡🤡🤡

  2. We need a judge that’s going to advocate for women. Not allow men to compete in women’s sports in there for get our scholarships and other opportunities. We need to stop hiring through this work agenda and stop hiring based on skin color

  3. She cant even answer questions my 5 yr old can about women…I can only imagine how bad she’ll be at making laws.
    But of course, thats all by design

  4. What a clown, she accepted a job knowing it was only offered based on her race and gender, setting her people back for years to come. How absolutely abhorrent this woman is. What a terrible person she is taking that job under the circumstances. She could have changed the world for the better simply by denying this appointment and giving a speech about it’s gigantic flaws.

  5. Sorry Florida this is more important than that the Hurricane aid we have to fix the courts for the next crooked election !

  6. I don’t remember the same coverage being given to Kavanaugh, except for his hearing, which was scrutinized be the media.

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