1. There have been three train derailment in Ohio and a dozen nationally since the first of the year. What tanker cars are part of any train is totally at the whims of orders and scheduling.

    1. It doesn’t help that the railroad bosses decreased workers while making the ones retained work more, it’s part of the new efficiency program the big level railroads adopted during corona. This was part of the issue of the recent railroad workers strike

    2. ​@Lucky the Lemur its almost like the railroad workers were telling us this was going to happen
      …and our politics got involved and said “shut up, we’re getting you a big increase in pay that is only slightly getting outpaced in real time by the inflation we’re creating”
      Then Biden actually bragged about it.

    1. @Roo’s Nest Gaming the company will do it the cheapest way possible using the lowest bidder and once again skimp on safety

    1. I’m surprised they didn’t didn’t say there’s nothing to see, no big deal, everyone return to your homes, and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate 😁

  2. I’m glad this is finally getting the coverage it deserves. It could be any community this disaster happens to, a terrible result of decades of deregulation.

    1. ​@Eye See You Biden’s EPA withheld funding that should have been there by Feb 4th. So far, Trump has done more for the town than the EPA.

    2. ​@Eye See You he brought actual aid, and inspired others to do the same. People are coming to help while feds do literally nothing.

    3. @Nameless Dewine told Biden we didn’t need fed help, won’t claim a state disaster, and got an EPA rep to give an interview telling us we are safe from chemicals. I’m here, I see what’s really happening.

  3. After watching a brief portion of the town hall meeting in East Palestine with Gov DeWine , it would seem that most do not trust the way this has been handled thus far.

    A woman who has family in her background were founders of the town has not had her well tested and neither has her relatives despite them both being on the list.

    Another woman who has health issues as well as her son was told that by the doctor that he would not be testing him or treating him.

    The Governor said more than once that he is not an expert -OK, then why not have some “experts ” present who could actually answer detailed and specific questions.

    Who holds a town meeting regarding a toxic disaster without folks who can answer questions ?

    It was a meeting for question/answer time -what did the Governor think people would want to talk about?

    Very dissatisfying and really poorly handled thus far to say the least. ❤ GOD Bless Everyone

    1. ​@masakiton guba This derailment is just as much Trump’s fault as the RR’S fault. Trump lifted regulations for RR profits.

    2. I think its like in Fukushima in 2011 when the locals were begging their administration to test them, but they simply stared at the locals and left the room without another word. The locals were contaminated and there wasn’t anything anyone could do. So why test and have the truth go public? This “accident” is a whole lot worse than they are saying. They are also trying to not get crucified for where they know they’ve fallen short. Another thing to look at is what are these people invested in in that area? If they have investments, maybe they don’t want to lose a lot of money by people finding out. What we know for certain is that this stinks in more ways than one.

  4. Were the detectors even on? I worked for a Class I railroad for almost 40 years and I know that sometimes they were turned off!

    1. I’m a class 1 retired employee too and this could be a human factor error and the media is hyping political. Seen a lot of accidents and there’s a wide gamut of causes.

    2. I read a day or two ago that at least one detector picked it up and dispatchers (or whoever communicates about a safety issue with the drivers) instructed the train to continue on to a town beyond East Palestine before stopping. I also read that the drivers were told to slow the speed which would explain why the speed was lowered from 49 to 29 after that second “hot box” detector that was mentioned in this report. It’s pretty strange that CNN did not report on this element of the story in this report .

    3. Why would the railroad turn the detectors off? What does it serve the railroad to risk accidents by turning detectors off?

  5. Combustible liquids are those that the attornies dont want you to sue over. They did their homework.before releasing data.

    1. The National Transportation Safety Board (government agency) said the Obama brake rule couldn’t have helped in this derailment because the train wasn’t considered a “high hazardous flammable train.” 🙂

  6. Calling it a spill is a funny way of describing them digging a trench filling it with the chemicals and then setting them on fire, in a “controlled” burning ofcourse.

    1. I’m only 6 hrs away and we already have reports of a smell in our county. It’s a perfume type smell. I wouldn’t doubt if it’s gone into Canada. The smoke cloud was huge.

  7. Our hearts are with all of those who are living there, and are now having to deal with and survive through this totally avoidable disaster.

    1. @masakiton guba clearly plausible, however tragically comical as well. Seeing his decline is sad actually. If that was my pops I wouldn’t let these people humiliate him and use him the way they are. I think most have wooke up to it….and to the. Games being played with America’s hive mind

  8. The thing is, the cleanup is just a show to look like something is being done when it is impossible to clean up the mess.

    1. It’s too late at this point. Who knows how far it has flowed. And I’m 6 counties over towards the west.

  9. A day ago I read that in fact those sparks/fire coming from that car were detected and the drivers on the train were told not to stop immediately but, rather, to continue to a town beyond East Palestine at a lower speed (that’s why the train slowed). Of course the train never made it. This is absolutely outrageous but the railroad corporation probably decided it was to its economic advantage to ignore the safety regulations. What’s new? That corporation needs to be sued out of existence. Unlikely to happen as BlackRock and the Vanguard Group are the top two investors in Norfolk Southern.

    1. BlackRock and Vanguard are also the two biggest owners of Netflix. Netflix recently made the movie White Noise that’s about a toxic train wreck in East Palestine. The railroad new about this movie and still chose to risk taking a unsafe toxic train through the same town????

  10. Watch them say oh the conductor was going too fast but nothing about the company’s wrongdoing with improper permits and failed to upgrade brakes for that type of product. All of this will be swept under the rug.

    1. Yes. This is what happens when the GOP cult deregulates institutions that protect us like the EPA, Transportation, Paris accord and on and on and on for their rich greedy friends.

    2. and as ussual, anyone making simple first hand observations blasted as spreading “conspiracy theories”. Gov-media is embarrassingly slow and smears anyone and everyone outpacing them. 😕

  11. Took y’all long enough to cover such a devastating event with such intensity. This is what happens when we pressure the media, folks.

  12. Absolutely disgusting how this is being handled. People coughing up blood , constant headaches. People are sick some dying and this bs is how it’s handled. Absolutely disgusting! Send my tax money to them not Ukraine.

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