Survey reminding Canadians to always check your receipt

A recent survey found most Canadians check their grocery store receipts & find mistakes.

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  1. Even if you find out it’s wrong, then you have to wait 10 mins to get the supervisor, 25 mins for them to verify the price, and another 20 mins for them to correct it. Its doesn’t worth the time of waiting, just pay it.

    1. It does not take that long lol. I worked as a cashier and wrong prices ringing up happened at least once a day. It takes 5 minutes at most to correct it.

  2. This is why I use self-checkout so I can see the prices while I’m scanning in my groceries. Easier to get it corrected before you pay.

  3. If a grocer didn’t give you the deal at check out, the item should be free. You bet that way all the pricing will be correct !

  4. All cash registers should have 2 way screens so you know what you’re been charged before you pay!!

  5. lol use self check out buy one item and leave with a full cart.. simple .. if they wanted every item scanned, they can pay me a salary to do their job.

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