Suspect caught attending Zoom hearing from complainant’s home

A U.S. court hearing via Zoom for a man accused of assault was abruptly adjourned after he was discovered to have been attending the hearing from the complainant's home.

Warning: This video contains references to domestic assault that may be disturbing to some viewers.

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    1. @BIDEN 2020 Weird how your account says it 8 years old, but Biden has only been in office for 2 months.

    2. I think the main reason is because Covid is especially dangerous to the elderly and most Judges are older.

      It would suck to be in the middle of a case that takes months to go through only to have the judge get sick and potentially die.

  1. Meanwhile Pastor James Coates who did not had history of violent crimes have to remain in jail for court hearing

    1. Coates made the critical thinking decision to defy the law continually.
      Bail is not approved based on the case, but the circumstances of bail. It has 3 levels but only 2 are usually used.
      Will the person show up for court?
      Will the person reoffend?
      The “Pastor” made it clear he would reoffend He was denied bail. I haven’t seen this idiots original bail hearing, but I’m guessing the prosecutor was unable to prove any grounds for the denial of bail.

      There are reasons under the law for everything. Is it perfect? No. But the “Pastor” had a very clear cut, open and shut case for them to deny bail.

    2. @Canadian Person you need to change your name if you want to prioritize unscientific decrees by unelected “authorities” rather than the Charter Rights of REAL Canadians.

    1. @Alan Malcheski they would definitely fir him…new crime…must be given the right to remain silent

    2. My guess is that he hadn’t been given his miranda rights yet. “You have the right to remain silent. . Etc. . .” and the judge was trying to prevent him from saying something that could not be used against him later. If a legal officer asks you questions without advising you of those rights any statement made can be thrown out as evidence.

  2. Just the other day in traffic court a Dr signed into zoom court while he was in the middle of performing surgery 9 When he raised his hand for the oath it was covered in blood) and was caught by the judge , ho was stunned and disgusted and stopped the court proceedings immediately .

  3. Question: What was Paul Gipson drinking in the video shot? I’m sure it was soda; I hope it wasn’t what it looked like; ie: alcohol? 🤔

  4. He asked 4 it to be dropped u can’t ask for it 2 be drop u nut she ask 4 protection against you

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