Suspect in Khanice Jackson Case to be Charged | Jamaica Covid Cases Increase - March 29 2021 1

Suspect in Khanice Jackson Case to be Charged | Jamaica Covid Cases Increase – March 29 2021


The suspect in the case involving Khanice Jackson is expected to be charged today there's been public outrage since Miss Jackson's body was found in bushes near the Dike Road in Portmore, St. Catherine last Friday.

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  1. A hope him get life imprisonment
    Him suppose to charge for
    And premeditated murder

    1. A death penalty mi seh… N mi wah ceet live. Send a message to d wull criminal dem out deh mek dem know seh a suh we deal with bwoy.

    1. @Odane Graham and just because these girls don’t want to work does not give a man the right to rape nor kill a woman

  2. Yeah the little mickey mouse sentence is a big joke….we’re talking about murder…why r these murderers getting plea deal? Justice system is a mockery of the law abiding citizens of Jamaica

    1. It is not one young woman die so the heads of vist her home look how many die and you never vist the homes

  3. no plea bargain for these vicious criminals bring back the death penalty bring back the gallows hinging will cut crime in Jamaica rape and murder robery kidnapping

    1. Yes if a society is soft on crime criminals will commit more crimes because they get a do a on there wrist. Or get away with it.

  4. These police need to be removed from Frontline duty. They are here to protect and serve. Shame on you all of the polce that where there.

    1. The JCF was designed to serve n protect politicians not citizens.. Just do ur research. That’s y they always fail us! U eva c dem fail d government yet?

    2. Dat mi a seh to… Damn wuckless.. Issa lucky ting seh d girl smart enuf fi call r daddy, else u wuda hear seh she n r baby dead.. Jah know

  5. The Government Need to invest in more CCTV cameras to deal with missing ppl Cases…too much ppl gone missing without a trace….every stop light…. Every major bus stops…. Private businesses like supermarkets have already installed out side cameras so detectives needs to start investigate more… use these cameras to track the movements of these missing persons…….As it relates to the murders ….the cameras also help…once a person is spotted on a camera commiting a crime …the hunt for that person should not stop until he r she is arrested …the police are too lay back…. a country wide search should be done if it’s even for one day for the person…. the near by parishes should be the main ones search (extremely)…. and for the areas that are infested by these gun men … Drones need to be a major investment also….use drones to gather intelligence…..send the Army to search the bushes in these toxic areas that’s what there trained for …bad man only hiding spot that ..and we know this…send the Army to roam the bushes…them likkle road search de a road time nah take out who really a murder ppl inna the communities…. neighborhood watch should be in every community…lead by females…..this might come off wrong but we need dons….Female Don’s….and not the gun mon type dons…. influence ppl who know how to lead…and few strong arm guys to back dem dons….ppl need ppl who dem can trust to tell dem stuff everyone is afraid to talk because of the fear being killed…they need ppl who they can trust to give intelligence when smthg goes wrong ….. Next thing….the police need to be policed also….the persons I left skl with r now soldiers and police …so if was to go wanted ik am safe certain way because my classmates in the force will give me intelligence when they are making a move at me….so the police need to monitored closely when oops are being carried out…. confidentiality is key also….and show initiative ….don’t broadcast the moves that are going to be mad by the force… That’s giving the criminals the edge right there…we are jamaicans ..we love money….pay to get intelligence and do it discretely …you can’t a make public announcement bout what you doing…there is no plan to stop crime…but there are alot that can be done to minimize it…..TF….mi gone

    1. CCTV can identify anybody when they are wearing masks? Masks have rendered CCTV cameras useless. More masks equals, more crime, and more ppl in line to receive medical oxygen. Ppl are slowly poisoning their bloodstream.

  6. Anybody touch any a my daughters am not calling any police prison naa doing nothing to dem man yah

  7. Jamaican justice system is a laughing stock..serious criminals are getting a slap on the hand.

    1. It’s an injustice system for the victims and families of crime….it’s a joke the kind of sentences that they have been handing out in Jamaica. The law needs serious overhauled….

  8. I don’t like that comment about even if the police knew earlier it wouldn’t have made a difference. That wasn’t necessary to say because they should still respond promptly in situations like those!!

    1. Exactly my point. Like wey she a try say, di girl did a go dead anyway? Lindsey has no empathy for anyone. Its ok to be objective, but your heart beat like everybody else own, or does it? Thats why the police behave like they do, bc the head rotten so the rest of the body must rotten to.

    2. @Elet Hinds power gets to the head man but mek sumn happen to dem own thats when they feel their own justice system

  9. A thats why jack hore seh the world nuh level all murder a murder the law cant gives some life some 20 years some 4 years its unfair

  10. Thank you Jesus no crocodile haven’t move with her body because a crocodile village that, mankind cruel it’s a shame

  11. Justice for that poor young woman and all the other victims where the perps get a slap on the wrist.

  12. Given the videos that have circulated on YouTube Re people having parties, wearing designer clothes and drinking alcohol, the murderer is about to have a party! He should be released into the community for a short while, I’m sure he won’t last a minute

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