Suspect in Khanice Jackson Murder Remanded | TVJ News - July 8 2021 1

Suspect in Khanice Jackson Murder Remanded | TVJ News – July 8 2021

The suspect in the killing of 20-year-old accountant clerk Khanice Jackson was remanded in custody when the case was called up in the Home Circuit Court in Jamaica.

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  1. No one deserves to die in such manner, this man had no heart. Lucky he’s still breathing. God guide us in these last days. People remember trust no one and protect your self.

  2. They are taking too long with this case I can’t believe this he needs to be locked away and never to be seen again Jamaica needs to be a safer place where people can move around without worrying about getting killed I am totally tired of hearing especially the females crying out for help something needs to be done for the females Mr.Andrew Holiness the females are crying out for your help listen to them

    1. I knew they would do these Jamaican lawyers can be a joke at times, no wonder the system is so messed up, November 25 another cooked up story will be placed on the books.

  3. He guilty putting him in jail for 20 to 30 years that’s all to it he forgot he come from a female

  4. Unu a waste of time in this justice system.him confess of killing her so what taking so long for to be put away for good..

    1. The suspect is remanded that means the lawyer did a fight out the case. Seem like him have a good lawyer. So they have to go to the lower courts for a re-trial.
      It’s best to wait on the forensics because if the court don’t follow procedure and then put him to prison he might end up walking free because the court did not do things the right way. So let’s wait and see what will happen.

  5. look pon the lawyer them 2 bout them a represent him. unu ago get judgement to wid him from God.

  6. What documents the judgeva wait on …d man comfess to this crime …give him life in prison (no question ask)

  7. He couldn’t have been much of a mechanic. His fully dunce action proves that. Commiting murder then taking home the incriminating evidence says he is not very bright.

  8. Already know that there will be no justice for Khanice, because the judicial system in JAMAICA is a big joke!

  9. Adding to my earlier Critique.
    These Councillors Licence should be
    Totally DISGRACEFUL.

  10. They need to re Interview his girlfriend & her sister again..after watching her last Youtube video she clearly had no empathy for Khanice, it was all about her, R.Fowler maybe covering for the gf & her sister for some reason

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