Suspected Cow Thieves Arrested in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica | TVJ News – April 6 2021


    1. Non is their 1 animal value the same as 5 no justification theif is the worst human being God’s judgement is upon these it is the sin u can commit

    2. Tvj and CVM and those major news outlets is very silent on these things for years these media can force the government to make laws so they hard working women, men can get Justice whenever they suffer loses from these germs call mankind

  1. Chain the thieves and make them do four years hard LABOUR to each farmer who have loss plus sell the vehicles and their possessions to help with the FARMERS loss..

  2. Smh can’t beleive people still doing this .come on it’s extremely hard to labour so hard then to have people stealing your hard work.

  3. I have noticed that people in this parish are HARD working and DEM NUH STAND FE DE FOOLERY!!!
    St Elizabeth people seem to understand that camaraderie (comradery) is the most effective way to fight de criminal elements!!!!! Dem nuh harbor de tief dem yasso at all and mi luv dat!!!!!!

  4. Jamaica government is behind these criminals because for many years them jus dragging their feet to bringing laws to protect these venerable farmers so can help whenever the culprit is caught trespassing on their property plu reward them for those animals

  5. I’M SO SORRY!! THEY NEVER MINCED THESE GUYS LIKE BEEF!! Is a lot of energy time and money to raised cows.

  6. Sometimes it does not make any sense to turn them in because the law is not in place to keep them locked up, vigalanty justice in most cases is the best option.

  7. All them doing is going to jail go eat we money we work so hard for (taxpayers ) then lawyer go represent them.I would never want my child to beco.e a criminal lawyer

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