Suspects’ charges upgraded to manslaughter in fatal Toronto shoving assault

The man whose alleged shove of an 89-year-old woman that left her dead has had his assault charge upgraded to manslaughter.

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    1. The whole world is. Busy city or the backwoods, humans are everywhere. Just as many dark things happen in the bush, you just don’t hear about it.

    2. Who was that guy who had bodys and bodys in his farms land? Aren’t all mass shootings up north in PEI not Toronto…. Nice points you made

    3. I went to Greenwood racetrack for over 40 years straight. I played pinball on Yonge Street when I wasn’t playing pinball in New York at the Broadway arcade. Falling down drunk and all that you just get back up and drink another drink. Maybe the woman could of died of old age at 89 anyway. Sketchy details and no video whatsoever. The videos of Bigfoot were more realistic than seeing the back of someone’s pants through a door.

    1. He hasn’t been convicted of anything yet. For all you know, he’s not even the right perpetrator. An accusation isn’t a conviction.

    1. Someone probably ran into the back of the unfortunate gent who seems incident enough to me. The old lady was just in the wrong place at the wrong time and accidents sometimes happen.

  1. Unless the 89 year old pointed a weapon at somebody there is no such thing as a “provoked” attack on somebody that old.

  2. It was the financial district not downrown core where it happened. Yonge and King is usually pretty safe. I live there. Queen and Sherbourne which is 10 min away is a very bad area

    1. I use to play pinball at all the pinball arcades on Yonge Street. I made Toronto great back then. It gave everyone an idol to look up to. Like I said before I never got tired of signing autographs and treated all my fans with respect.

    1. The charge might be upgraded once they gather more evidence and figure out the motive. They just charge ASAP so they can hold him.

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