Syracuse police face investigation after appearing to detain child | USA TODAY

A bystander filmed police appearing to detain an 8-year-old boy in Syracuse, New York.

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A bystander video of police detaining a crying 8-year-old boy, allegedly for stealing a bag of chips, has prompted an internal review by police in Syracuse, New York. One officer can be seen restraining the boy by both arms before placing him in a police vehicle in the video, which has amassed more than 5 million views on social media in only a few days. Another officer tells bystanders off-camera who are questioning their actions that the boy was caught stealing.

In a statement Tuesday, Syracuse police said the department was reviewing the officer's actions and body-worn cameras. Mayor Ben Walsh, who asked police to review the bodycam footage, said one of the officers involved in the incident knew the boy from prior interactions.

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  1. hey, so what do you propose, to let children steal anything and go away with it? Oh, ok, when they realize there will be no punishment for them, they will start doing something more serious then stealing. The police do their job, they at least have to drive this child to their parents and tell them that they do something wrong with their education

  2. where is mom and dad? why is kid stealing.. parents need to teach now. or in time when the kid is 16 or past 20.. he will be in jail for the real sentencing.. moms and dads. can not expect the people to turn a their heads and not notice.. how is the kid ever gonna learn, if mom and dad dont do their part.. sad to say.. but its truth and everyone who see’s this.. will one day say. hey where is his mom and dad.. do right and teach them right,.. theft is a big crime.. teach now.. or in the future it could be a lot worse!!!

    1. His parents are going through a tough time right now his mom is sick and his dad is working night shift to pay for the mom‘s bills the dad was sleeping when he snuck away he’s been stealing for the past month

    1. @Willie Navarro that the kid is 8 year old doesn’t make it right to steal.

      If his parents don’t raise him, someone has to… 🤷‍♂️ Parents’ reponsibility.

    2. @Vigilante TheFirst, Police can’t raise him, the only thing they do is make everything worse.

    3. @Willie Navarro I agree with you but, kids gotta learn some where about honor and respect.. his parents and his community obviously can’t and won’t.

  3. The police held him accountable for stealing and took him to his parents. No charges filed. They did the right thing and hopefully this young man learned a lesson he’ll never forget.

  4. All this child has learned is to be afraid of the cops he will never 💯 TRUST THE COPS HE WILL NEVER TRUST THEM

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