Stay at Home old people of Turkey!

  Drastic measure taken in Turkey to stop old people hanging out #EvdeKal #StayAtHome #Coronavirus Subscribe: Livestream: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Visit our website:

Will the pandemic be handled properly?

  -# Covid19 is coming, Modi’s government is being criticised for not acting swiftly enough – Drastic measure taken in Turkey to stop old people…

Can you cope without it?

  We asked people around the world what would they do if the internet goes down during self-isolation. #selfisolation #Newsfeed #NoInternet Subscribe: Livestream: Facebook: Twitter:…

What would you do?

  – The EU warns the internet may break because of all the people working from home/watching Netflix when they should be working from home….

Superstars sing for the secluded

  – A UN backed initiative to provide entertainment to people stuck at home due to Covid19 – #toiletpaperchallenge Football stars do keepie uppie with…