Take a virtual reality journey into the future of spaceflight

Fifty years after the first moon landing, CNNVR takes you on an animated journey across time and space to explore what's next for humans in space. From space tourism to Martian colonies, these are tomorrow's moonshots. #CNN #News


  1. I’ve already been to Future and I already know what space flight is like and I must say this is very accurate.

    1. In the future do we all have to move onto the plastic island floating in the Pacific?😁😢

    2. Your time travel is disrupting the time-space continuum.
      Please stop before it is …. whoops … too late.

    1. We take a break from one lie to show you another. Keep believing and obeying. Never question or second guess the media. They are always right.

  2. Never gonna happen. Humans are going underground to become cannibals in the next 50 or so years. The top 1% has pissed away their own infrastructure 🙁

  3. I want to explore Uranus and see if we can harness the gas energy, or find a black hole with a brown dwarf in it

    1. Diddy Doodat because democratic support transgender, gay pride parade, child molesters. And so on

    2. @I speak The truth Fyi Democrats dont support child molesters like the right does. I dont have to support gay pride in order to be a democrat. Wtf are you saying? I don’t have to 100% agree with everything to support someone. Trumo is a criminal, adulterer, racist and a liar yet you so called evangelicals support him. 😒

    3. Republicans are the ones trying to revitalize the space programs!
      You democrats and foreigners are so fucking stupid!

  4. *Universal Century 0001, Donald Trump meets Elon Musk to commemorate the first space colony*

    Universal Century Calendar 0079. The Earth Federation has just been attacked by the colony furthest from the Earth. The Principality of Zeon led by the Zabbi family has called for independece from the Earth Sphere. They must recognize the rights of spacenoids.

  5. what is the point of humans seeking a new inhabitable planet, when they refuse to take care of their home planet (due to sheer ignorance)

  6. It’s one small step to get trump out off the white house, one giant leap for American.

  7. Man I love space it’s so incredible I can just go on and on about it but I’m not now, hopefully we can get people on the moon by 2024 and Mars by 2030! If I was the president I fund the crap about of NASA and science related stuff!

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