Tapper: The President told a demonstrable lie

CNN's Jake Tapper condemned President Donald Trump for claiming to be unhappy that his rally crowd broke out into chants of "send her back" as he denigrated Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) who he'd previously said should leave the US. #CNN #News


    1. @Muhammad was a pedophile caravan robber , democrats are already attacking innocent voters again. Its funny..

    2. 3 hours later, STILL no intelligence displayed by the Trump supporters. He’s telling an outright lie, and none of you have the courage to address it, but you have time to come up with snarky comments and juvenile screen names.

  1. *AGAIN*

    and again
    and again
    and again
    and again
    and again

    I guarantee you that it will happen again and he’ll be smiling like the fraud he is

    1. ZedK49 Yeah, but liberals lie horribly too fake news like Alexandria pretending standing in front of the border, but was actually at a random fence and parking lot.
      Spliced interviews that gives the few seconds of speech that can be interpreted as hateful even though the entire speech was just a general talk about s general topic.

    1. @turfxpert
      Melanias dad is not Somalian.

      but I read in the same place you did that Melania is Dad is a terrorist and that he’s trying to convert Christians to Islam in America now

    2. @NOYDB Hmmm, I didn’t read it…I saw it in video. Complete with pictures of dad in his Somalian Warlord Uniform, birth certificates and school registration of the brother/husband…like I said, ongoing investigation. We must have gotten our information from different sources. No matter, the right people will get the truth about the whole thing. You just can’t trust any of the MSM to give the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth…

  2. ….and in other news, the sky is blue! Trump’s name is synonymous with lying, cheating and stealing.

    1. BREAKING NEWS: _This just in:_ Democrat Karmala Harris has just announced at a press conference, that she is *dropping out of the 2020 presidential race.* When asked by several journalists as to her motives, she replied: _”Well, people do no longer believe I have a time machine, so I could listen to tupac and smoke weed. Also, my past as a hard core judge has not benefitted me. I will now spend more time collecting flowers.”_


    2. @VelvetLens Films

      Democrats started the kkk, democrats also started blm.
      the hateful racist seperatist regressive identitarians are still on the left.
      Just because Trump said to these hoes that don’t like America that they can leave it, is not racist.

  3. Looool…..Trump told a lie……what a novelty.
    But his father is born in many countries. Just ask 100 mill Americans.

  4. Yeah because they can’t just watch the video to tell he’s full of crap. He throws everyone that supports him under the bus. He has no loyalty to them why support him still. He never has and never will admit that he’s done anything wrong.

    1. Russell Graves : Anything, so long as we’re NOT talking about Epstein’s Saudi Passport, in a fake name, and the Trump connection to the Saudis. And, it seems to have worked? . . . 🤔

  5. Healthcare… failed! Immigration…failed! International relations….failed! Taking care of our troops….failed! Restoring Veterans benefits….failed! Keeping deficit low….failed! Keeping vital cabinet position filled…. failed! Worst WH “occupant” ever!!

    1. @Joseph MacPherson miles and miles of border walls have been built, there never was a muslim ban, where exactly is this mental acuity test that he failed, hyperbole and name calling do not prove your position (a 5th grader would know that). And as for your claim that he has failed as a businessman, how many businesses does he own and how many went bankrupt? Both numbers matter. Not just the latter.

    2. ​@kcabyats * Out of 705 senate-nominated positions 150 are vacant. Majority of those unfilled positions are in the Justice, Interior and Labor departments. WH hasn’t even nominated anyone for those 150 vacancies let alone filled them. Also WH has highest turn over rate of any administration in history. I’ll leave it up to other ppl to educate you on the rest.

  6. The President told a demonstrable lie. Really????


    1. Actually at around 12000 since the inauguration alone it is no longer clearly “demonstrable”, as you cannot keep up with all the lies.

    1. @kcabyats * are you joking? Your saying he’s not a pathological liar? Sociopath probably. But you really believe he’s not a pathological liar? Why do you guys do this. Why do you back him up on whatever he does. Clinton was impeached for one lie.

    2. He definitely has not just one psychological disorder, but two at the very minimum. On top of which, he is evil. Satan’s spawn, demon from hell.

    3. Coward. No guts to stand up to what he preached. Shame on the Republical party to allow this mad man to go a wild rampage with impunity.

    1. Yes Nancy Trump destroys everything blah blah blah,Ya no,if they could rip down those cages OBAMA built and do the immigration policies Obama put in place that would be a good start.The democrats are so hypocritical its numbing,they relish infanticide but cry poor children being separated at the border.They done campus interviews of dumb educated liberals and spewed Obama quotes and policies in place to this day and thought how in moral it was that Trump could do such a thing only to find out it was Obama,talk about tongue tied and twisted.lol.Just goes to show ya.Cheers.KAG!

  7. I’m just glad the vast majority of white Americans have more sense and humanity than this shameless, deceitful human being we call ‘president.’

  8. He was beaming. Glowing. Basking in their hate. He said nothing to stop it, & just days before started it. #IStandWithIlhan

    1. @Alex Hines you should save your tissues or when he loses 2020. You’ll need them to wipe your as_

    2. *SURVEY:*
      _How will you describe CNN? (mark with an X)_
      ____ Fake news
      ____ Very fake news

    3. Progressive Humanist .. i Stand with EVERYTHING TRUMP says and does. And it makes me hery happy to see OUR president doing a good job in the Oval office. We all know Trump and myself loved the chant.. but we cant let the media know.. shhhhh!!!..

    4. He didn’t start anything. They started it by shitting on this country. All he said is that they can fucking leave.

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