Tan a Yuh Yard | Jamaica's PM's Lockdown Message | TVJ News - August - 19 2021 1

Tan a Yuh Yard | Jamaica’s PM’s Lockdown Message | TVJ News – August – 19 2021


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  1. Anju how essential workers ago reach work???? lock down the place if you want but what about people who have to work come hell or high water

    1. @game changer TMC if there is no taxi, the government should probably implement something like number plate of the day.

  2. Let me ask a question what about those people. who don’t have anything to eat. Because that most of their problems.

    1. Good question, the people who are making these decisions have their kitchen cupboards well stocked. They couldn’t care less about those who have to hustle from day to day to survive.

  3. What happens to the less fortunate who live day by day , no help for those who can’t help themselves I haven’t heard that address

    1. The PM don’t care, the path program was to pay out on last Monday, and they pushed it back to next Monday and the Big boss shutdown starts Sunday, HE is wicked, no different from his masters OVER seas.

    2. Ok,,, like me and my kids how where mi ago get food fi give me your Dem and do likkle money weh u gi people and seh it a pay on d 23 now you lock dung tmf place an now mi a stress fi find food fi mi kids Dem yuh c unuh nuh care bout wi

    1. That’s the mistake made he should never allow dreams weekend to keep knowing what is happening around the world

  4. So after these no movement days, how do you monitor crowd control in supermarkets, markets and various places they need to conduct essential business?
    Please advise…

    1. @Suzette Butler crafts Again, how do you monitor social distancing and enforce mask wearing when people are out in droves?
      Currently Montego Bay traffic is at a stad still – grid locked.

      More and more based on comments and responses, it is PROVEN that common sense isn’t common in all.

    2. Everybody wear a mask and I mean everyboby, social distance and sanitize. Some Jamaican are too hard headed. If you refuse to wear masks, stay home.

  5. One definition of insanity is that you do the same thing over and over and expect a different result. There has been no investment in the jamaican medical arena for yrs , hence they cannot handle this issue.

    1. I was expecting idiots to make comments like this. you will not know the importance until it reaches you

  6. Even tho mi no rate these politicians, I think this is one of the best decisions right now, no movement days right cause some people dunce knowing there is a virus out there and want to party.

  7. Why aren’t talking about bereavement packages for the poor that can’t afford to stay at home because they will die from hunger also their kids and other illnesses that they need to work money to buy medicines. Only $10000 you gave them, aren’t you gonna talk about giving the ppl dem some relief money and food? Don’t know the Jamaican family Sir! U know their is no bed buy some bed and build a more hospital and stop building prisons.

  8. The PM is saying, if it dont necessary fi go a road no go. Like all idle people who just deh pon road fi no reason. All essential workers will have to go work of course.

  9. What is your motive really though…. Ppl can’t say that “let mi get a extra this and dat” COVID is real but you not planning the right way Sir it’s like you planning only for the rich ppl.
    Have you noticed it’s only poor ppl catching COVID? Why because they need food and whatever it take to survive they will do so. God have mercy on our ppl because it’s not their fault, fill their stomachs with food Lord it not there fault Jesus. COVID is real but the government not providing for the poor in need and I pray Lord that you touch the government in charge to provide some relief packages and money for the poor in need Jesus. Amen.

  10. Good bless you pm as you and your team doing your best for your people,
    Jamaican friends and friends family please fallow the rules please
    The virus is real love one love all, in the name of jesus amen

  11. Lock down the country for 2 weeks and see if it help, but please provide food and water to the ones who can’t afford to provide for themselves, please look out for the poor this one time please my PM God will bless you

  12. My People am so sorry for whay going on. But please keek off the road if. If you not working just find something around the home to do. So that you wont feel board. Please we do not of to die till when the time come. Keep away from Covid. It is not pretty. Stay safe people take care of yourself and family. Plant up the food. Ketch crop. Because it going to get worse plant into your back yard or front yard do not depend on rice and flour alone. Go back to the soil. You town people have all them land in the country. Go do some farming trust me nothing nice. When you can produce your own. We all of to do that right now. One Love. My People.

  13. Mr PM I do hope you let JPS NWC know that they cannot interrupt the people’s services because of the rules that you put in place.

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