1. @Vitalius 211 Right, that’s why they didn’t spread any information they didn’t “know”. Such as “why”.

    1. They probably want to hide the driver And probably this accident that happened it’s another one of these stories about about climate change

    2. The trucking industry including trucking schools have been through big changes in the last few decades🤔

  1. No doubt the one driving had just received a medical therapy probably the third one in a series of similar medical therapies.

  2. I love that the reporter said the truck slammed into the building “without warning.” Is there typically a warning for this kind of thing? Lol

  3. When the reporter said East End. I already knew it whould have been either O’Connor, Kingston Road or Danforth. Things could have been a lot worse the tanker could of crashed and went on fire.

  4. Lucky it was a FULL tanker… chances of explosion much reduced for that reason alone. If it was “empty,” it would have blown up/burnt up half the block… so lucky

  5. Carolyn Worral, that’s some Janelle Evans/Fenelon Falls coverage, right there!

  6. I have to ask… why are they avoiding mentioning that the truck had a driver? My take on this story is… a malicious truck came out of nowhere and crashed into a house.

  7. I get that loosing your home to this is devastating, but not as devastating as anybody physically involved in the accident… they mentioned 3 vehicles destroyed by the tanker, yet failed to mention anything about any of the potential 4 drivers inside, or whether the other cars were parked cars. Sorry to say you guys missed half the story 🤦‍♂️

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