Tanya Stephens | TVJ Entertainment Report Interview

Tanya Stephens | TVJ Entertainment Report Interview 1


  1. Tanya a true Yu nuh how many times your songs help me out when I’m going through trying times , one love my sister💗

  2. I admire her talent but strongly disagree with the ‘friends with benefits’ outlook on relationships. These kind of relationships are unhealthy and help to destabilize society. I wish her well and that she finds love and fulfillment in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

  3. A lot these artists are hypocrites because when it’s time to tour the rules that they are against in Jamaica but they will complies with the same rules international while people dying believing them.

  4. I love the way you speak you’re a very outspoken person over the years more power strong black woman 💪

  5. What a reasoning. I expect nothing less once I realized its Tanya. I have mad love for this woman. Undoubtedly, one of the best Female Recording Artist to ever come from the Caribbean. Big up Mr Miller every time

  6. Tanya embracing that madness tag! She’s clear on her believes and what she want so big up to her

  7. Good luck Tanya!… I have absolute respect for her…her objective assessment of current and past affairs affecting the nation is far more enlightening than we have been getting from mainstream media. if even 10% of media hustlers (so-called journalists) were as objective and strived for some integrity in disseminating accurate information Jamaica could be a better place. Respect Anthony Miller …great interview as usual (wish others would emulate you)

  8. I agree with u Tanya on the pandemic n other issues adversly affecting the country especially the poor n unfortunate.

  9. i like that she is so insightful and intelligent, very bold and extremely talented!! Congrats to you Tanya.

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