1. @Goose~N~Gander most of the problems under Biden is beyond his control. If you’re expecting the POTUS to change your life you’re looking in the wrong place.

    2. @ice 9  “I will end covid” he said. I will kill the gas industry he said. I will make Russia pay he said. Yuppp. The buck stops with Me! <- he also said that. All I expect are policies that will make life for people across north America comfortable and policies that are good for foreign issues and interests. We've got literally nothing but failure after failure, the Balloon thing was the worst national security embarrassment in decades. The man can't be seriously defended.

    3. @Goose~N~Gander I’m not a Biden fan and you point out some mistakes he has made, but he has done some good, too. The infrastructure Bill was definitely needed. His stance on medicare and social security is good, and the decision to not shoot down the balloon sooner was under the advice of his generals and military advisors. They wanted time to study it in the air before it was shot down.

    4. @Keith Froehlich Trump stood at the world pulpit Americans gave him and said we should try drinking bleach to fight covid.

  1. Unusual? I think it’s wonderful! This is the best SOTU I have heard in my life. I loved President Biden before. But I love him now 1,000 times more. He’s the best president of them all. He’s who we need! Brilliant, wise man. The best!

    1. @Mike Hunt Burns p.s also. your .smelly duplicitous Donald Trump paid a 25 million $ fine for his online university!! …try thinking and morals ok. now wants 99.00 for his ” Image” we see why he could only chose the gop to lead ..he knew where the suckers where!!!…MAGA make as#hole go away

  2. I get it but I don’t know if I would ever used the word “invigorated” when speaking about Biden.😁

    1. @John Coleman yeah most of the accusations you are up to decades old as well as ONLY ACCUSATIONS. And since you’re taking accusations as gospel, what about Tara Reade and your bumbling geriatric communist puppet?

    2. @Curtis Thomas ok captain brainwashed. Let’s go. Under Trump unemployment rates across the board were the lowest in decades and in some demographics the lowest ever. Americans were getting more of their paychecks. Trumps administration was the first in modern history to not have a new war and in fact he helped broker a peace accord in the Middle East. He held the countries that owe America money accountable for the first time ever. He founded the first federal organization to crack down on child trafficking. And on and on. The current administration however undid pretty much everything Trump accomplished within his first week and bragged about it. He’s handed out almost 2 trillion dollars to other countries just in the past two years meanwhile millions of Americans are now struggling because of a failing economy. His open borders have allowed thousands upon thousands of unchecked illegals into the country along with tons of deadly drugs. These are all actual FACTS that you can easily find however cnn won’t tell you. Pull your head out and try actually looking for truth instead of being a typical leftist zombie. Trump is an obnoxious loudmouth dickhead absolutely but he was good for the country which is exactly why he was and is demonized. He threatens the status quo of the scum in Washington.

    3. @the tater show wow, you regurgitated all that bs yet call me brainwashed? You keep worshipping Roy Cohn’s boytoy, I’ll stay in reality

    4. @Curtis Thomas look it up. Prove me wrong. Even Democrat economists that were under the Obama administration are criticizing Biden’s reckless spending. I know these things because I pay attention and do my own research instead of just mindlessly agreeing with the news. Seriously prove me wrong. You can’t because what I’ve said is factual.

  3. Love how he nailed the Rs down to agreeing on not messing with Social Security. He got them. He got them good.

  4. As someone who has the same affliction, I’ve always known just how sharp and on point, in the places that matter, this man can be.

    I know from my own experiences, that the wisdom that resides beneath his ability to articulate, is almost certainly the deepest in the room.

  5. You can hear the desperation in the voice of the CNN reporter to not have voters remorse and spill the beans.


  7. bipartisanship at its finest, the government needs to be in sync with each other not what you had during trump

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