1. what happened to the additional 2 TRILLION dollars – with a national debt of 23 Trillion , countries may soon call in their markers

    2. The public’s money, and the public is left in the dark, even when the info. is requested. Swampy alright!

    1. @Douglas Lowe Ah, man! Foster Brooks played a great drunk. How I miss those Dean Martin celebrity roast; that was entertainment at its height.

  1. These corrupt criminals don’t know what the meaning of “transparency” is. It’s just another bait and switch scam by Trump and Republicans.

    1. Compared to Obama’s circus these people are clear as glass. It’s one of the reasons why MSM jump all over them for nothing.

  2. what a swamp rat. you can believe him as much as when he said that the virus was contained air tide.

    1. Swamp rat?! Far from that…..Larry is a very very savvy individual. Wanting to know who got loans when those same companies have returned the money is a moot point. Jake is focusing on BS. What IS important is the job, retail and business numbers!

    2. @American Pie for some one with “American” in their name you know very little of AMERICAN HISTORY and Protests!

    3. @Tony Yu I didn’t make the original comment. I was just correcting the spelling of tight.

    1. The people who voted Trump into office allowed this to happen. The Congress assigned an oversight committee and its leader, and then Trump fires the person since he didn’t like the person…… The Senate Dems fought for the committee and Trump just spit on it once things were signed so his guy can send money wherever they wanted.

  3. My american friends – you’re being robbed. Kudlow is explaining to you how you’ve been bent over. Listen to him

    1. Aaron Weiser – Yeah, Robbed by Conservative Governors in Piss-Poor Red States that receive BILLIONS more in Federal Aid than they contribute!

    2. Hey Henry the wage to tax ratio is alot more in favor the Red state citizens ,as it should be….Hell , even dems are leaving Newyork and Cali,they dont want no part of it.lol

    3. Aaron Weiser – yeah, that’s the reason why Red states are so Poor and need to syphon more Federal aid per capita. That’s simply the truth. So don’t talk about being Robbed by Blue States when the Red States are the ones wearing the Ski mask!

  4. This man has never had to look for a job. Heartless and no understanding of the American mode of dealing with work. I would see him live on what the average

  5. He’s trying to suggest that people are lazy. This is coming from a corrupt, coke addicted alcoholic. The man is a mess and a public disgrace. Another Trump buddy.

    1. DonaldMcChristopher it is not necessarily lazy to want to make 1200 dollars a week not working instead of 1000 dollars working. You would have to be crazy to say “yes let me go out and work for less money.”

    2. @Tubal Cain Dude, it is the life experience that keep us going.. !!!! It is not because of the money that keep us going. Okay….Imagine If you have all the money in the world but there are no people left… Would you survive ? NAHHH You will suicide in ten days…Money is necessary but the people around you are more important !!!!

  6. I’m glad I’m not a Republican, this guy’s been wrong so many times he makes them look stupid.

    1. Problem is,lies aren’t being wrong, they’re falsifying the facts to make people think things are the way they say they are. It’s called propaganda.

    2. He literally sounds like trump with, “This is the biggest help we’ve ever done”. So he had his response written down and gone over because, he keeps trying to not answer the question. This economy is not in the recovery phase because places still aren’t opening fully. Most states have not had new jobs open and we don’t know where the money went to. After it came out that portions went to shake shack and The Lakers, they realized no one is watching and want to keep it hush hush. Imagine if our government was transparent, at least if we knew about stuff we could group together. It’s us against the federal government and it’s a shame because, we pay them taxes to do a job, so in a way we employ idiots to run our country.

    1. @Tessmage Tessera good luck with that. Did he do something wrong or is it that you don’t like him and that’s not good enough? Nice bitching though.

  7. when someone is dancing around without answer a clear question, that person is hiding something.

  8. “We wiil not remove unemployment benefits.”

    As if that’s something to brag about while 40 million are out of work.

    1. @Aaron Weiser I am trying so hard to understand your way of thinking on the pandemic. But I just can’t do it. Your lack of logic, common sense and the ability to read, listen and digest information is keeping you from understanding what is right in front of you. Well over 100k dead. 40 million out of work. And you think that is a dem conspiracy or something? If you can read, look up the meaning of pandemic. Then pick ANY source you like that has reported on the death toll in our country. Are you in denial? Or just plain ignorant? Maybe you suffer from a severe case of stupidity? All of the above? Wow….just WOW!

    2. @John Baker because he’s Smart, so CNN Adoesnt send one of their operatives in, then turn around make something up and try to sue him, as far as your problem perhaps you should call mental health and speak to them.

    3. @Aaron Weiser Lol! Show me where ANYBODY is encouraging ANYBODY to protest (don’t know about the rioters), they are two separate things. Have you noticed that the vast majority of protesters are wearing masks??? Now djt wants to start his rallies again, but he’s not asking you to wear a mask, just sign a waiver saying you won’t sue him when you’re dying of COVID-19. Go ahead, this will help sort things out once and for all, evolutionary wise that is. ;0)

    4. They absolutely want to do it! make no mistake about it, behind closed doors they talk about taking away benefits working class American earned from FDR’s New Deal. They’re sneaky, slimy bastards.

    5. @Aaron Weiser can someone please!!please!! translate or decipher what this moron is trying to say??😦😦😦

  9. Dear americans, look in his and his friends pockets – you will find the fundings there.

    1. @Kevin Michael why are we giving tax breaks to oil companies and the richest man on the planet? They need to pay their fare share!

    2. @Suzanne Lehman New York will always be desperate. They are controlled by Democrats. They don’t have any idea how to live with in their means

    3. @Greg Espinoza Yeah, donating his salary whilst spending 400 years presidential salary on golf.
      If you’re really called Espinoza I’ll be amazed.

    4. Greg Espinoza You are Greatly Misled! It has been Proven, that only One of trump’s many trips to his golf resorts has cost the taxpayers more than his salary alone! He and his entire family have been costing us the tax payers More than ANY other President in our History for all of their trips! His son, Don Jr. hunting trip cost 70 thousand to kill a single endangered sheep in Mongolia! Why on earth should we pay for that!?! He over inflates his resort’s prices for his golf carts, hotel rooms, meals etc. and charges all of the secret service agents “costs” for protecting him to the taxpayers! He has vacationed more than ANY President in our history! He has cost us for his personal rallies and his entire family has traveled for Trump private business trips all at our expense! They are grievous Grifters and have broken Far too many Emoluments laws! So his “sacrifice” of his salary is a pile of disingenuous baloney! Spare us please! 🙄🤢🤯

  10. Right, let’s not give enough to ordinary people but let’s give the MOST to the HAVES who HAVE the MOST as always. Politicians, the establishment and the upper business classes getting most of the $$$. What a surprise!!!

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