Taxi Association Responds to Harassment Claims | TVJ News – April 8 2021

Taxi Association Responds to Harassment Claims | TVJ News - April 8 2021 1


  1. How will Uber work in a uncontrolled crime country that seems to only or mostly affecting the poor .

    1. Uber is more likely to work than this current system because there is as app and tracking in place. It’s a system, not just ad hoc taxi drivers responding to calls…

    2. @NCS AUDIOBLAST you cannot trust a app if there is no trust in the system already or even progressing towards . Do you think 1 confidence you have will be enough to cover the ones that are affected by gun violence that needs to get home safe ? Fix crime then welcome Uber, more focus is needed in crime fighting strategies, not uber . You have a mongoose driver transporting chickens , how will that work ?

    3. @Mourique Ritchie in what society? You can’t raise chickens amongst alligators unless you pull the teeth out .

  2. Where is the evidence?
    The time he take talking crop he should try weed out the predictors in his mids..

  3. Perform thorough background checks on taxi drivers! Put cameras in the taxis! Put GPS on the taxi! Make the drivers check in & give the pick up/drop off location, the time & the name of every passenger they pick up!! Make sure the taxi plates cannot be removed, so they can not be switched!!..I’m just giving some suggestions…

  4. No taxi man, or woman, should be allowed to obtain their licenses to transport anyone whatsoever unless they have been examined by police and have obtained their police records. None!

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