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    1. And people weh a tek taxi have to live to. Dem just get a fare increase recently and tek way more than they were supposed to.

    2. @Anita Sherriffe Agree,but the government must put appropriate systems in place so everyone can survive with a decent wage.I am for increased in minimum wage,all people need living wage including myself.

  1. Yes Taxi drivers have to live but Government must Raise the living Wage for Parent and family to afford

    1. If the government raise your pay a $1000 a day them ago raise everything to $2000 so them still ago try rob them smh

  2. It hard on the taxi men government must put things in place for them but they don’t care, it’s all about giving them ticket

  3. First thing car seat should be under 8 years old or 4 feet 2 inches a 12 old to 10 child is maybe 5 feet plus them should give the taxi drivers a time to get the cars seats atleast 90 days how can you pass a law without informing people in advance that’s stupid

  4. No fare increase for these greedy people. Taxi drivers would not mind if every year they get an increase. They want people to consider them and they do not want to consider others. They just got a pay increase recently. Unnuh gweh.

  5. Every tax office in Jamaica should be able to process ticket payment no matter which parish you get the ticket!

    1. Well the Jamaican corruption force as in (JCF) get more power now to hustle on thief motorists one time I was driving my bmw all windows up don’t smoke or drink on them drive me down say them smell norcatics dig down me car so me don’t say anything when them finish money them a look eno so me say how you smell norcatics with all my windows up plus the cologne I’m wearing so strong me still smell it head them now sorry maybe the taxi that driving pass before you someone was smoking weed old thief them

  6. Hire the taxi drivers to drive school busses and make it a government job..with a living Wage, benefits, housing and pension for the drivers, mechanics, administration …what is the issue?

  7. So, they want an increase to enable them to pay the fines that they will inevitably accrue by virtue of their willful defiance of the law. They’re essentially shifting the burden imposed by their lawlessness to their customers. What a load of nonsense.

    1. I’m honestly staggered by an island of intelligence in a sea of ignorance. Not something I’ve come to expect from Jamaican news story comment sections.

  8. The TDOSS president seems like the only person in that sector with a working brain. The car seat law should be repealed, because it is not feasible, but they should not get an increase in taxi fair to assist in paying tickets. I will fund no taxi man’s unruly lifestyle. What’s more, I believe the government needs to regulate the transport industry with fleets of government owned transport options

  9. So our children should suffer so the government can get money?? I stand with the taxi men when it comes to the child seat foolishness

  10. I feel so sorry for the students and parents because they are trapped with this foolishness passed down by the idiots in the parliaments.

    1. @Lightening Wilson official Elections have consequences. Jamaicans getting exactly what they voted for imo 🤷🏾‍♂️

  11. If taxi fare raise then all citizens of Jamaica must get wage increase. Teachers, nurses, domestic workers, police etc

  12. I am very convinced the folks responsible for making strategies, laws and implementing need some form of education to enlighten their darkness. These are rookie mistakes , there is no excuse that can just the chaos surrounding the child seat situation.

  13. We need a school bus system for schoolers islandwide. It is terrible that students have to go through this

    1. @Burnice Anderson Car seats are stupid in passenger vehicles and don’t make any sense the government should do away with this law.

  14. Growing up I thought the PNP was the worst giving that I never saw JLP in power. Now I know they are cut from the same fabric.

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