Taylor: Pence Not Speaking Out Against Trump Is Unfortunate For National Security Reasons | Deadline 1

Taylor: Pence Not Speaking Out Against Trump Is Unfortunate For National Security Reasons | Deadline


Former Chief of Staff for the Department of Homeland Security, Miles Taylor, explains that while former VP Pence might have not spoken out against Trump because he “sees this as politically beneficial,” his refusal to condemn his former boss and the big lie is a national security threat. Aired on 03/03/2021.
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Taylor: Pence Not Speaking Out Against Trump Is Unfortunate For National Security Reasons | Deadline


    1. It just get stronger day by day. You’ll see . Mid term elections are coming.
      There goes your free ride.

    2. GQP has one and only goal:
      Destroy America from Within
      For benefit of International ULTRA-Rich, especially Putin and CCP (which GQP claims to HATE — but CHINA been greatest beneficiary of Trumpism!!!)

    3. @Tarquin Bright Once again, your obvious dislike for Biden colors your view and description of him. Fortunately, everyone can see and evaluate his performance for themselves. Perhaps a lot of people are breathing a sigh of relief after the drama of the last four years and don’t see you the Newsmax description you just provided.

    1. @Tarquin Bright
      Gramps you haven’t been paying attention to the last four years?
      Trump loves Xi and China’s money.
      You had Chinese Nationals fiscally supporting Trump’s reelection and businesses.
      You old fool you.

    2. @Tarquin Bright Maybe someone should say that to Trump because he didn’t hold the Saudis accountable for butchering a journalist who was seeking citizenship in the U.S.

    3. Only 3% Fascists in Early German Democracy — we have more Christian Nationalists than that in USA!!!
      …but the Moderates (considered HERETICS by CN CULTISTS) have been “tolerant”….
      Going back 1000yrs — it’s the Crusades All Over Again…better watch your back

    1. Pence knows that if he tells the truth, that noose will reappear in his back yard and he might just find himself inside that rope. These are not just crazy people; they are dangerous crazy people.

    2. It has to be because DJT is going to make another run in 2024 or they want to make a play for it either way it can’t be good

  1. Even after trump threw Pence under the bus…..homie is still pledging total loyalty to trump!! WTF….Pence’s “fly” has more balls than pence!!

    1. I think they are beyond voluntary treatment.
      You have to admit to yourself that you have a problem, admit you need help and get help. You have to continue to get the treatment.
      Many refuse and only use insanity as a defense for when they are found, arrested, and charged.

    2. Blame Ronald Reagan for the lack of mental health institutions, he couldn’t foresee this nutty Republicans losing their minds.

    3. GQP been scamming these fools same as Tele-Evangelist Christian Nationalists!
      Moderate Nathaniel Manderson wrote that it’s possible if there’s Good Jobs offered through Green Energy and Infrastructure Improvements — perhaps some of the Q-Crazy Sheeple will lose interest in insurrections?

  2. Don’t worry.
    Mike Pence will chase even more decent people out of the GOP.
    They were already a minority party. Soon they’ll be just a regional old white person’s party.

    1. And perpetuating the big lie doesn’t help his safety. He is getting what he deserves. He let the lie grow so big.

    2. @Trisha Yamada I’ll have to disagree with you there a bit. I think Pence already knows what will happen if he behaves otherwise. If you’re trying to protect your family from fanatics, how far would you or any of us would go? Seriously

    3. @Terry R I will still stand by that if you support a lie then you deserve everything that comes with it. Tough luck buttercup.

    4. @Terry R and once again people don’t expect personal responsibility from a Republican. Typical.

    5. @Terry R he should have stood up and spoken out LONG before Jan 6 . Pence didnt just stay silent he actually helped cause , condone , encourage etc the insanity and he lied numerous times denying what was happening and covering for his master . He is just as guilty/responsible as drump. Aside from all that neither he nor his family deserve to be threatened or harmed .

  3. There’s a little known part of the overall anatomy of the brain which is called the ‘Stupid Center’. Pence’s stupid center is severely hyperactive.

  4. Trump: “Mike, sit.”
    Pence: “My butt’s on your $50,000 Persian carpet, SIR.”
    Trump: “Good boy, Fido.”

  5. These people believe in a mysterious something called q nobody has ever met. If that’s the foundation to be considered a prophet, then they will believe anything.

  6. Mike is protecting his family than the country. Trump has so much power over his idiotic worshipers, they will do anything for him.

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