Teacher Instructs Students From Her Hospital Bed | Craig Melvin | MSNBC

Teacher Instructs Students From Her Hospital Bed | Craig Melvin | MSNBC 1


  1. Stop the Steal!!!!!
    We must do everything in our power to stop Donald Trump from stealing this election he lost fair and square and U Republicans know it

    1. @David M 《《《 Apparently someone didn’t the joke. He is upset you used his slogan against him because that’s all he has, a slogan, no substance.

    2. @Alfredo Maredi There’s plenty of substance and evidence of voter fraud. That’s what Stop the Steal aIl about nitwit.

    1. I try to take a personal day or two so my math students can miss me. The kids who never do anything don’t care, but those trying to understand a little bit hate that the sub never understands how to to the work or explain it.

    1. @KC JONES What if both of the parents are addicted to meth? Not everyone is smart enough to homeschool their kids.

    2. @Jason Thompson
      Well, that is true, in actual communities families get together and alternate and such.
      I’m afraid the children of methheads, will remain constant, unless they escape or parents get help, there are no 100% solutions, but if you teach your children, they are considerably less likely to grow up hating you and your ideals. Choose your own path, my son turned 18 last Sunday, and while he is still finishing school, our relationship is unlike any of my friends with “normal” schooling, ours is great…

    1. I think he’s better on the golf course, so he doesn’t f****** anymore of this country, I rather have him play a game and wait it out

  2. Ye Gods now *THAT’S* dedication to duty! Give that woman the Teacher of the Year Award already! 🏆

  3. You see, if people actually took pride in what they do this is the outcome. We need more Americans like her. This is the type of American that needs to be in the House and Senate. One who truly looks out for others

  4. Just more evidence of what slackers us teachers are and how we are so overpaid we can afford medical care and hospitalization.

    1. @Changing of the guard obsessing over Biden are you? It’s cute you have a crush now that Trump has been defeated…😚

    2. Trump was tweeting about his hate and rage while in the hospital, and she was reading her class a book? I doubt Trump could read a book aloud…

  5. Why are there not more stories like this on the news? I’m sure there’s a lot more people doing good things, then those doing bad things?

    1. I feel like the Trump administration in how they’re handling the election and the pandemic is like a car wreck on the highway. We all slow down and look at what happened out of morbid curiosity. It’s hard not to be horrified at those bad things and remove ourselves away from them towards the good that people are trying to do.

  6. We need more stories like this one! My daughter is an elementary school teacher, a Hero too.
    Well done Craig Melvin, there is more light in this world then darkness, the one we focus on is the one that wins.
    It is a choice we make. 👐🙏💓

  7. God be with the teachers, they are not paid enough to deal with all of this…

    And this teacher is amazing, every student deserves a teacher who loves their students like that.

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