Teachers Retro Payments Delayed | Goat Meat Caution, 9 Goats Stolen in St. Elizabeth #tvjmiddaynews

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    1. It’s a governance thing it can’t be that one person is lying ,I think we must look at the whole governance structure, if she is replaced what is going to stop her replacement from lying .

  1. Our government is too disingenuous. If they knew they were running behind time they could have informed teachers beforehand.

  2. Government is just not ready of this run in with the teachers you mean they couldn’t get it right, governance is always lacking …

  3. My Jamaica 🇯🇲 peoples that is why we as a nation need to print our own $1 or money, see what America do they give more money to people so they can win more people on they side? Peoples go where they can get more money? Wake-up Jamaica 🇯🇲 wake-up

    1. Praying in Jesus Name the Jamaicaeye catches all the thieves in Jesus Name. Lord Jesus stop them in their tracks and from harming your children. Lakeland Florida 🙏🙏

  4. You see why corruption will never stop happening in Jamaica 🇯🇲 could you emegine how these Teachers feel when they look in they bank account and don’t see no money 💵, this is a disgrace, Jesus chrise this is really a concerned, I feel so sorry for you all, Jamaican needs a change of governments, there’s is nothing can be worse than what is going on right now, and a laws must be Implement against people who are thieving cows and goat 🐐 and they cultivations,

  5. What kind of challenge? If Holness, and Clark stop thief the money ,the cameras can be kept in good condition, and service when need’s be.

  6. That excuse is completely BS!!! So disrespectful to not ensure the teachers were paid on time. These teachers are real patriots

  7. It is now 8:52 p.m. and I’ve still not gotten my salary. The send the fool a little further is sickening too. Every day is a new date.

  8. You are funny Mr Duncan. We start move our money weeks ago who can I hold responsible when we as the Diaspora have no representation unnu sick .
    I do encourage the Diaspora to take their money out .

  9. It is a shame the level of fraudulent avtivities going on in all the different departments and ministries.. Jamaica need deliverance

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