Teachers unions call Ontario-wide strike, want education minister’s resignation

Leaders from the four major teachers' unions are blasting Ontario Education Minister Stephen Lecce.

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      9 Months of work
      Average salary $90k
      Great benefits
      Teachers are like assembly workers…..every year teaching the same thing over and over

      Teachers that keep saying it is a tough job……what a malarkey




    2. ​@Help Support Teachers I’m a former teacher. Now, I work year round, including weekends and late evenings at times. Something you teaching fools don’t do. I also pay the taxes that pay your salary. Now get back to work.

  1. Members need to vote for essential service. Mediation and arbitration while leaving our kids in the classroom. This all got old years ago for me.

    1. @Vik Vinyl What left? Ford and Lecce cater to themselves and the wealthiest in society on the fairytale that it will all trickle down.

  2. I agree that e-learning is a really bad idea. Making it mandatory excludes students with special needs. It also excludes students from low-income brackets who cannot afford a computer.

    1. eLearning is also very difficult and requires a ton of individual and self-learning. I’ve taken an online course in the past and would much rather be inside a classroom with a real teacher.

    2. FUDDLE-DUDDLE, most teachers put special needs pupils in front of a computer so they don’t have to teach them themselves. Colleges and universities teach using both forums. Students need to be exposed in high school. They are exposed to not being allowed to declare if they are a boy or girl which has nothing to do with the majority of pupils there to learn.

    3. Veronica Conroy: Any bright ideas as to what a blind kid is supposed to do about e-learning? The kid can have speech software on his or her own computer; however, if the course they’re taking is not accessible, then all the speech software in the world won’t help.

      I suppose you’re the sort of person who think all disabled kids should either be killed at birth or kept at home.

  3. 1:53: if that woman stands in front of a classroom all day, I hope she makes herself more presentable than she did in this video. Way to set an example for the kids. No wonder they’re all such slobs.

    1. Veronica Conroy: Not only that, but the woman I’m speaking of is a Brit. Why is she working here taking a job from someone who was born here? Another efficiency expert from across the pond, who doesn’t deem it necessary to tidy herself up.

    2. @Veronica Conroy How so? Because you want more for less to fund 14% raises for this government along with the wealthiest in society?

    1. @TheLOLGINGER Unless you pay more than the spending per capita, which is 60K, you don’t cover your own costs let alone pay teachers’ salaries. You are probably being subsidized by the crown, put that into perspective.

    2. @Help Support Teachers The disaster was when McGuinty and Wynne ran it. They didn’t negotiate, they just threw away money this province did not have.

    1. Lecce isn’t meeting at the bargaining tables, he’s not speaking with unions and he’s not getting the strikes settled. I say he should resign.

    1. If parents would tell teachers that they want their kids crammed into a room with 50-60 other kids, all taught by a person off the street with no degree, then teachers would all be fired tomorrow. It’s as simple as that.

    2. @A CB Lame argument. Teachers graduate every year with current methodology in educating children and youth for the marketplace.

    1. I suggest that you gather up as many as possible to petition the government to make it an essential service. Until then, a Charter Right that you hope your children will have. And, demonstrating how to stand up for rights.

  4. It looks like as long as they have to deal with Lecce and Ford there will be no deal. Better prepare for a strike because I believe that is what is going to happen. Parents have been paid 7.1mil in childcare already.

  5. The UNION spokesmen are so full of BS. This character says, “first time in 20 years”..blah blah blah; thats because McGuinty and Wynne threw away our money to shut them up and now they want more…………….but Wynne isn’t the leader any more.

    1. Both the Liberal and Conservative governments have been making cuts after cuts to corporate and business taxes, which is why there is a shortfall in fiscal balance. It’s all true, where have you been?

    1. That’s not how capitalism works. Capitalism works by mutual oppositions of components of the economy to determine balanced prices of goods and labors. Companies must compete, workers must compete, supply must oppose demand, everyone must sell their goods and labors for as much as they can get. If you are just thankful for your job, then you are the one failing Capitalism, NOT unions.

    2. Sabrefire916: having a job isn’t a right; it’s a responsibility. If you want a high-paying job, you work hard in school, choose a degree where you will find work afterward, and proceed accordingly.

    1. Please. Don’t bring the health system into this. Or we will all be running to the nearest cliff………………………..

  6. Imagine having to send your kids to school in Ontario lol. Kids are being indoctrinated by a bunch of radical greedy activists.

    1. Because they give up their pay and time to fight against reckless cuts on the students and have conceded a 7 year wage freeze along with massive cuts?

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