'Tearing down the country': O'Toole on #CancelCanadaDay 1

‘Tearing down the country’: O’Toole on #CancelCanadaDay


Conservative Leader Erin O'Toole addresses caucus ahead of the House rising for summer and calls out the Liberals for handling the pandemic.

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  1. We must repeal the state of emergency powers. the province has shown how
    much they can be trusted with such powers. this law must be repealed in order to end this once and for all……..

  2. everyone that organizes protest against these lockdowns should be organizing them on the doorsteps of those running the health authorities. bring the fight to their gates………

  3. For some reason, Liberals hate their own western countries. The disdain for Canada shown by its own PM is amazing.

    1. Bye-bye Trudeau you should apologize for your racist ancestors, that’s why racism is well and alive.

    2. @Sara Cen or just cancel everything all so it can be forgotten and we are doomed to repeat past misplayed instead of using them to learn from?

  4. Lol just another liberal pretending to be conservative. PPC is the only Conservative party in Canada.

    1. While I agree with this, don’t you find Pierre can be unleashed if he wasn’t the leader?

  5. Ok, let’s cancel the country. Then what?? Oh, that’s right complete chaos!! Mad Max movies come to mind!

  6. Sure, NOW you call out the Liberals. Where were you last year at this time, O’Toole? Why weren’t you fighting against the needless restrictions a year ago?

    You had your chance to earn my vote. You blew it by being a doormat for a year.

  7. I mean this canada day drama is such a non story when other things are more important and should be covered.

    1. You may have a point in the short term but if everything is canceled instead of turned into teaching tools, history will repeat itself. These are very important stories if we want to progress as a country and not just cancel everything to be one day forgotten.

  8. Both my grandpas on each side of my family fought and died in World War Two so we could have this democracy. It will always be a work in progress but never ever forget what was given so we have free choice.
    If deep down in your heart you really feel that canceling Canada day will make things better I honestly feel sorry for you. The holidays and statues in Canada can be changed into teaching tools of not only what was done right but what was done wrong. To know your history gives you the ability to learn from your mistakes. When you cancel something it disappears and is no longer a teaching tool. Instead of creating more informed citizens utilizing these tools, we will forget and are doomed to repeat past mistakes. I

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