Ted Cruz Claims His Mexico Trip Was Him 'Taking Care' Of His Family During Power Outages 1

Ted Cruz Claims His Mexico Trip Was Him ‘Taking Care’ Of His Family During Power Outages


After he was caught on his way to Cancún, Senator Ted Cruz flew back and claimed he was 'taking care' of his family during the power outages. Aired on 02/18/2021.
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Ted Cruz Claims His Mexico Trip Was Him 'Taking Care' Of His Family During Power Outages


  1. Oh look. Our first ‘privileged climate change refugee’ documented…meanwhile:
    Beto is helping Texans right now in Texas.

  2. Lying Ted , taking care of his family , right. Brings back a big luggage as he is escorted by police back to Texas. LOLOLOL

    1. Like he took care of his wife when Trump called her ugly, or his father when Trump said he was involved in JFKs assassination? Yeah. Mexico has a higher death percentage from COVID than America, and it’s closer to the South American variant. Enjoy your vacation, Ted. Texas deserves you.

    1. Then He has cops escort him from the airport like there aren’t better things they can help with during this crisis. he cares about himself no one else. Wake up Texas..

  3. Little teddy is taking cues from his daddy Trump. “When you have a problem, run away, dont take responsibilities, and pass it on to someone else”

    1. He’s not the only one taking cues from Trump, America had better do something about these losers, or you’ll be sorrier than you already are.

    2. @Lumby1 You speak the truth because next time could be “all the time without water or electricity” without any explanation due from “The Fuhrer”.

  4. Normally, the people get the elected officials they deserve! “We the People” aren’t concerned, they wanted him, they got him.

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