Teen Who Alleges Sexual Assault at Hospital Speaks Out | TVJ News - May 25 2021 1

Teen Who Alleges Sexual Assault at Hospital Speaks Out | TVJ News – May 25 2021


In a Prime Time News follow-up the Hanover police say they're treating with seriousness the allegations of sexual molestation of a 15-year-old girl by a male employee of the Noel Holmes hospital in Hanover, Jamaica.

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    1. Kingabaddon how you know if this girl telling the truth??????? Justice . I know you people love to jump to conclusions without evidence. Any time someone cry wolf on a person the wolf must be put away.

  1. Never jump to conclusions. Especially from a child who is suicidal traumatized and who knows what else. Evey man is the enemy if what she says happened and I really want justice for her, if the story is factual, however, don’t judge nor jump to conclusions. And I have a blessed 16 years old daughter so don’t 4 a second think I’m being biased.

    1. Some man a pervert still…that fact can’t be hidden…but some patients are liar too

    2. So she randomly lied because? The man probably did it because he said the same thing ‘who will believe a suicidal girl’

    3. @Shane Flow What he says can be used against him in the court of law….It’s his attorney who will now speak for him in court.

  2. i would be careful about taking as fact an allegation from a suicidal child. And that mother has some nerve saying with a straight face her daughter, who just tried to kill herself, intends to become a mental health therapist.
    Are we living in the twilight zone or what?

    1. @S. Sutherland no doubt. There had to be some mental issue that led to that suicide attempt. But that is my point. Mental issue.

      Even if we are to believe that a previous sexual assault led to her suicide attempt , lets say, then that is an even more compelling reason to be careful of any subsequent accusations especially if its a one on one situation.

      I don’t know the circumstances under which the accused was taken into custody but i do hope it was not simply because of the allegation but due to some sort of hard evidence since an allegation is just as bad as a conviction in a sexual assault issue.

    2. @jussayin mipeece Don’t get me wrong I do understand.. And I completely agree with you.

    3. you would be amazed to find out how many people went through a traumatic encounter like this and even worse and are now a therapist!. it encourages them even more to help others who might be in a similar situation hence also makes it easier to empathize with patients because they were once in their position.

    4. @Ajauny moore not at all, most people who make a conscious decision to go into social service do so because of personal trauma and a desire to help based on that experience.

      My comment was pointing out the seemingly clueless nature of the mothers throw away statement. As if the alleged sexual assault was the determining factor in potentially preventing her from being a therapist and not the fact of being DEAD from suicide.

    5. @jussayin mipeece ah ok now understand what you meant, thought you were saying she couldn’t enter that field because of the current situation lol

  3. That is why Jamaica need to get out the dark ages and do proper investigation. That man should only give his report of the matter. I feel this girl not telling the truth. Why use your suicidal attempt a treat? This person in hospital for suicide attempt now a male is under reprimand because of her cry for help. She sounded very manipulative to me. I wonder if she is one a them one who make up stories . It just doesn’t add up. Jamaicans please don’t jump to conclusions this girl would be an attention seeker.

    1. Once a woman said a male touch her, or right rape her everyone run in pan the man dem and done hear the other side.

    2. @Stacy-Ann Spencer fi real. This girl told her mother that she going to commit suicide because a man touch her . She is there for the same thing suicidal attempt . Her incident too familiar with why she been place there. I bet the guy must be one who sympathetic and been kind to her not knowing she got mental issues.

    3. SMDH….so you’re here telling people not to jump to conclusions yet you can declare that she sounds manipulativeetc… how about you taking you’re own advise

    4. @T M I am one who believes in real investigation. Often time police run in and grab innocent people. It becoming a norm for one to point the fingers and one life mess up for good. I personally feel this young girl getting spoil treatment from her mother. Police need to check the history of home life before take the incident on and made arrest. She could be telling untrue stories.

  4. What really happening with some of us Jamaicans ?
    Can’t we make the News in a good way for once ?

  5. Something doesn’t feel right about this scenario… am watching for more follow up news before I start pointing fingers…

  6. Social distance, blesskie, jusssaying are you related to the person in question, because I realize that your trying to convince people that nothing happened. But my question to you is how do you know? To be honest let us all wait and don’t quick to judge anyone, remember everyone is innocent until proven guilty. soon are later the truth shall set either one of them free.

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