Tensions flare over land dispute in Caledonia, Ont.

Tensions flare over land dispute in Caledonia, Ont. 1


CTV's Akshay Tandon shares details about a land dispute in Caledonia, Ont. following a court injunction against First Nation land defenders.

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23 Comments on "Tensions flare over land dispute in Caledonia, Ont."

  1. first

  2. lol, burn them tires that will show’em

  3. I need a smoke

  4. These Yahoo’s are outnumbered 😅🤣😂🐑

  5. Careful… your chinese ancestry is showing… 🤔

  6. Trudeau to close Canadian border for 6-12 months????

  7. So the bank owned news is glorifying the criminals.

  8. WE scandle and goverment spending we don’t care about burning tiers like he said it nothing new

  9. Only people’s in history , who were conquered , almost to the point of extinction , who have more rights , ( in certain aspects) than their conquerors….
    A similar comparision , might be Israel and Palestine… and look how well , that reconciliation is going….
    Not debating the morality of factual history, or emotional history either…
    Just stating, the current approach isn’t working, perhaps a perspective adjustment ( from all parties ) is required….

  10. Burning tires is one of the worst things you can do to your Mother Earth.

  11. Yep burn stuff government will give you a new house. Block the trains etc etc. The rest of society fix things or work to replace things

    • Canadian Nomad | October 23, 2020 at 8:42 PM | Reply

      Then the treatises should be null and void….. as a Canadian citizen we have to work to earn and support what we own…..

  12. One says it’s ceded land and can prove it, the other says it’s unceded land. To be fair a large swath of eastern Ontario is unceded land so who knows. The indigenous ppl have been treated so badly. I hope if that land is unceded they meaning the government get off it and stop infringing on their sovereignty!!!!!!

  13. Treaties mean crap to racists who make those garbage deals.

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