Texans Face Thousands Of Dollars In Energy Bills After Deep Freeze | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1

Texans Face Thousands Of Dollars In Energy Bills After Deep Freeze | MTP Daily | MSNBC


NBC News' Antonia Hylton talks to electricity provider GRIDDY customer Joli Ammons about the astronomical bills Texans are being hit with. Aired on 02/22/2021.
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Texans Face Thousands Of Dollars In Energy Bills After Deep Freeze | MTP Daily | MSNBC


  1. Don’t expect any help from Republican state politicians because their goal is to give the super wealthy a big big tax cut, not to help average Americans. Even if you voted for Republican conservative. Truly sad.

    1. Pay your bills or you don’t deserve to call yourself a Conservative anylonger. Let the free market work. If we conservatives in other areas are foeced to bail you out, you all are nothing but a bunch of dirty lying communists.

    2. @Carolyn Wertelecki “Free Market”? You want to talk about free market when Texas backs a single company in what amounts to a state-wide monopoly?

    3. @Carolyn Wertelecki Get real: what you advocate isn’t a free market, it’s socialism for the rich and capitalism for the middle and working classes. You don’t deserve to call yourself a conservative if you don’t believe in conserving anything but YOUR money. Conservative wasn’t always a synonym for parasitic predator.

    1. @Carolyn Wertelecki Wow, that’s a take. Cancun Cruz did more for this country than one of it’s Founders.

      Given that the Founders were Liberal for their time, that doesn’t surprise me.

  2. That’s why you never want residential utilities privatized. Government regulations and the public sectors are very good when it comes to many things.

    1. Agreed! And one could make the same argument about healthcare. If you believe all Americans should have access to electricity and water, making sure they can survive cancer isn’t too much of a stretch.

    2. @Michael Bennink There have been so many wake up calls over the past 20 years. I think the species known as ‘Rural Man’ may be in a coma.

  3. The federal government is going to help to bail out, and to pay bills in a state which is in part in this mess because it wants to be separate from the federal government. That’s kind of rich.

  4. Now, all of a sudden, these Texans who probably support deregulation and a government that’s all in on a free market, “let the buyer beware,” don’t like that so much.

    1. Yep. This is how the sheep are fooled into thinking that the Dems are going to destroy America. Dems are the ones fighting for their dumbasses.

    2. Texans are against utilities regulations… Let them suffer..! I won’t thread on Texas and I won’t give Texas a dime

  5. I can see Cruz being re-elected easily. Why not? He’ll just say Benghazi, emails, and birth certificate. Basically, similar to what Helmut Zemo mutters to Bucky Barnes to turn him into the Winter Soldier. Seriously, I wish I was actually kidding

    1. @Carolyn Wertelecki Ri-ight. And if Texas privatized utility companies, you’d never see people freeze to death because equipment wasn’t prepared for a winter storm! How rich are you, how much stock do you own in these dysfunctional robber baron utilities, and are you writing this from a tropical resort while you chuckle as Texans suffer? Do you want all roads to be privately constructed toll roads? Shall we disband the police and military and have all “protection” come from protection rackets and mercenaries? I guess you can say organized crime no longer exists if you legalize such predatory behaviors.

    2. @Carolyn Wertelecki Huh? it’s Texas’s own deregulation that led to this mess, socialism and liberals have nothing to do with this

    3. @Carolyn Wertelecki :: Cancun Cruz did not do anything. He is on the payroll of the Electrical Companies, he agrees with overcharging people for a service not given. NEXT TIME VOTE BLUE.

    1. Third world service levels and third world accountability levels. Let the free market do it’s job! Which is of course to enrich the cronies off of the backs of the middle class. Come on America, get it together.

  6. Texas was told for years to winterize their power infrastructure and they ignored it because they wanted to Own The Libs.

    1. I live in Texas and I agree. The constant finger pointing and partisan politics are the norm with retRumplicans here. Can’t wish them away but if the good people down here would simply come to their senses, we can vote them ALL out !!

  7. Why energy companies in Texas are pushing to people pay for their horrible failure? Could somebody explain me

    1. It’s not only the energy costs. The energy companies will gouge the consumers and do nothing to prevent this to happen again. The insurance companies will pay out, a limited amount under the ‘act of God’ clause and then bump up their rates to recoup their loses. The short fall for all these people is that they will get stuck a third way when they start to replace their belongings.

    1. When a guy from Texas walks in my house all I got to do is open up my freezer or turn up my ac, will give him bad flashbacks

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