1. Stay safe all of you the tropics are starting to get real now praying for all of you in Texas

  2. 21:45 “Texas braces”?? More like “Texas still out n about like any normal day”.

    22:02 There’s literally some stupid little kids doing hand-stands at the bottom right corner.. SMH..

  3. Stay safe, ready to help from the west coast. Cant imagine what ya’ll going through right now. Much love

  4. Welcome to Texas where the fun never stops and where people buy lots of beer no matter what the season is 👌

  5. Я думал техас это озера, сухая пустыня, пасбища и нефтяные вышки, а тут такое

  6. “Don’t wait for the right moment to start, start and make each moment right.” #quotes69 #viral69

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