Texas Dems Make Progress In Fight For State, National Voting Rights

Democratic State Representatives from Texas remain in Washington D.C. in a last-ditch effort to stop the state’s GOP-backed voter suppression bill, but they have already successfully diluted the bill of some of the most egregious provisions. State Representatives Senfronia Thompson (D-Houston) and Nicole Collier (D-Ft. Worth) join Jonathan Capehart to discuss how “persistence has caused the needle to be moved” for both voting rights in Texas and across the rest of the country.
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  1. Kudos for these brave Representatives from Texas! Not since the Alamo have such brave Texans fought for such a worthy cause. Let’s all join them and do what we can to show them support.

    1. @Iceify not everyone can do that, you idiots just assume that. There are people who do NOT own a car and depend on rides from friends and family, they can’t just walk there either because these polling stations and ballot boxes are hours away, god you are stupid

    2. Iceify already admitted that he believes Trump is ‘more patriotic’ than other Republicans. In other words, he’s either a White-nationalist fascist, or a troll… each time you, or others, provide evidence, he tosses out another factually-false what-about claim… since he’s not constrained by facts, or ethics, I expect he can keep rolling along indefinately…

  2. The 2020 election was the most safe, secure, and fair election in the history of America.
    Why are the Republicans trying to fix something that ain’t broke?
    Just let the American people vote, ya dopey Repubs.

    1. @charles stuart Even when he WON, but lost the popular vote by 3 million he said that 3 million votes were illegal. 😆

    1. @Juna Nougues that organization
      Are a bunch of neo cons. One of the co founders actually praised Biden about Ukraine

    2. @Iceify So, not trying to pick a fight, just understand, you are of the view that Trump is a patriotic republican?

    3. @Iceify You mean firing a prosecutor for failing to investigate Burisma?

      You’ve really drunken the koolaid, haven’t you?

  3. DeathSantis wants to protect the Floridians right to work, go to school in person….but NOT their lives. So who will be going to work and school if floridians are no longer breathing. ROTTEN leadership….learned from the WORST of the WORST! FAILED! Please help yourself and your families and NOT VOTE FOR DeathSantis

    1. @Iceify so you think its okay to just spread covid, delta variant, and Lamada around, infecting innocent people and killing them,??

    2. @psycobleach46 tullis People need to make their own choices. If the person is infected, they need to stay at home until they are okay, rather than spreading it. But we have dumb people.

    3. @Iceify thats the problem, they don’t stay home, they go out and spread it, oh and there are those that are asymptomatic that don’t know they have the virus but they don’t want to wear a mask, they whine worse than children do. yes we do have a lot of dumb, selfish people in this world

  4. AMEN. Prayers offered in Jesus’ Mighty Name for these ladies to be heard in the highest office. AMEN

  5. Glad to see them tonight! Thanks for this reporting job and well done! 🌟Yikes. Go Democrats from Texas.☄️🌟

    1. Texas is ashamed of Lyin’ Ted Cruz, Abbott and Costello (alias Dan Patrick) and a criminal attorney general. Millions of Texans have Trump poo all over their shoes…
      🐥 💩 🐥

  6. Galatians 6:7
    Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

  7. Thank you ladies and gentlemen for working for democracy!!!!
    Let’s rid Texas of this Republican entitlement.

    1. how is showing an id entitlement? democrats will lie, steal and cheat to make sure they win elections. and the sad thing is its putting their voter base in the same company….anything to win

    2. @Dennie Saunders 👈 new member, “no channel content” – I think you’re a Trollsky 🇷🇺

  8. Texas Republicans are pulling the rope a dope, “we will amend, come on back” then amend for the worst and pass it with Dems locked in chambers. Don’t trust them!

    1. @America First 👈 Foreign meddler Trollsky 🇷🇺 (New, “no content” account) 🤷‍♂️

    2. @Austin 7thGen Texan Woah you really got me figured out there now didn’t ya 👌😂😂😂

    3. @Drake Fire Wasn’t it the smartest man you know that once said “If you don’t vote for me you ain’t black”? He sure has a real problem with those super predators.. Hmm I wonder if still dislikes them because of hunter’s crack addiction..?

    4. @Austin 7thGen Texan So I’m russian now or whatever language that is? You guys need to take it easy on the blueanon conspiracy stuff 😂

  9. They shouldn’t have to do this … Same fight fifty years on … Y do American citizens have to beg to be treated fairly

  10. I’m trying to understand this particular civilization of ours and this is where it led me to.
    In Salem Massachusetts, they had a baby boom and then that generation was (dying off) and then the Salem witch trials began “the moral grandstanding”.
    All the widows had acquired all the property the fishing vessels ect.,the house the property through the husband’s deaths and did nothing with it, Commodities became scarce (crop failures) ect.,at the time the only precious metals/mines was in Virginia so commodities were always on the brink of being scares and the Salem witch trials begin and the killing begin. This is a cycle it’s nothing new to us in America.

  11. Voting should be a “National Paid Holiday!” In celebration and Honor of “Our!!” Democracy!!”

  12. Everyone needs to stand up and be counted with their voice on this one this is super super important for all not just the blacks and Browns in the immigrants the it is for everybody if they get away with this then who knows where the next step is. In fact we only have to look at Nazi Germany to see what the next step is or Russia or any other places like that

  13. This is the fight for the Alamo all over again, except this time the defenders left and took the Alamo with them.

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