Texas Enacts Voting Restriction Bill Despite No Evidence Of Fraud Found 1

Texas Enacts Voting Restriction Bill Despite No Evidence Of Fraud Found


Counsel for the NAACP Legal Defense Fund Janai Nelson and Washington Post congressional correspondent Jackie Alameny discuss the voting restrictions bill in Texas being fueled by fears of voter fraud despite no fraud being found during the election.

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  1. Taliban saying they are progressive and will govern fairly = Texas republicans saying these laws will protect voting rights.

    1. @FAFO I’m actually a bot, but thanks. By the way, how’s that Stop the Steal thing coming along? You “real patriots” find those fake ballots yet? 😅😂🤣

    2. @Brian Jones Do you have nothing better to do in your life than obsess over the YouTube comments section? Every single comment in these videos you have to say something. Like, seriously, go outside and enjoy the real world.

    3. @Ro G It’s very appropriate that your profile pic is smoking Jay, you are both two individuals who think your intelligent but in all actuality total failures in life. Submit to your despair

    4. @Brian Jones But did Cutler tell America to inject bleach into our lungs or ask if we could just use a “really strong flu vaccine” or fail America to the tune of 400,000 dead people in under a year? Oh right, that was your boy! 😅😂🤣


    2. @Gina Hickman Biden won BECAUSE the media and hollywood interfered..sleepy Joe
      Anywno the extra ballots flying around Maricopa county also helped sleepy Joe


    1. Does this law prevent anyone from voting? No

      Does this law create any new crazy rules? No and people complain about vote by mail but there already restrictions for mail in ballots and who could get them.

      Demonstrate are trying to make this law into something it’s not

    2. So 3/5 of the Electorate can’t provide state identification to vote??

      Because the only real tightening of the voter law is requiring proper identification so please don’t be offended if I think you’re full of crap

    1. Oh lord..
      Maricopa County here..
      They flooded the County w ballots..using the DES voter registry..
      Mailed extra ballots to evrey address ever registered under any1 person..

      M extra ballot so NOT cute

  2. Well sure, that’s what fascist governments do. And this is coming nationwide unless we get Fed level election protection law!

    1. @Progressive Humanist Maricopa County here..
      They flooded the County w ballots..using the DES voter registry..
      Mailed extra ballots to evrey address ever registered under any1 person..

      M extra ballot so NOT cute

    2. @steelhound duncan FDR’s administration was indeed as close as we have ever been to fascism in the USA. Fascism is a form of collectivism. It is often combined with authoritarianism. FDR believed in and used both.

      Texas is controlled by Republicans and Republicans believe in individualism. Individualism is the exact opposite of collectivism. Do the research.

    1. You have never seen nor heard a fascist Republican. If the Nazi’s were still around they would be on your side, not ours.

  3. Setting up the stage for 2024 elections. These politicians think differently, their thoughts are FLAVORED with racism!!!-

    1. @michael shultz Racism is absolutely involved mate. Because the US is a racist country with racist laws and policies.

  4. There’s never been any truth… As long as you keep listening to the lies the Republican party goes farther in trouble. They will lose everything.

    1. @Mara Christian Are you saying that you do not know the history and behavior of the Democrats? Are you not aware that the Republicans are the adults in any argument with a Democrat? Do you even have a job?

  5. Here in Texas u now need 4 very specific types of proof to renew an ID or drivers license. documents get lost in hurricanes here alot, its hard to get such items. They are closing Drivers license offices, and even CLOSING BUS STOPS/ BUS ROUTES TO GET TO THEM. We Dems are being eliminated as voters

  6. “I need not tell you the perception around the world and in parts of Afghanistan, I believe, is that things are not going well in terms of the fight against the Taliban,” Biden said. “And there is a need, whether it is true or not, there is a need to project a different picture.”

  7. So will GWBush have to flash his Texas driver’s license to a badged poll “watcher,” who might not believe his citizenship claim?

    1. They probably wouldn’t even blink if a white guy shows up with an Australian or British accent. But BIPOC folks speaking English…ooh boy!

  8. If McConnell can hold up Obama’s SCOTUS nomination, go all in and get this job done. Stop playing games with ones that cheat.

  9. 2020 was the first election I voted in and I don’t care what they do, I’ll be there to vote against the Republigoons in every election from now on. Democrats need some improvements, but republicants are a clown show that shouldn’t be allowed to manage a gas station, let alone the country or it’s districts. They’ve proven time and time again that they only ever have their own personal interests in mind.

  10. Concealed carry licenses are accepted for voting in Texas, but student ID’s are not acceptable under the new law.

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