Texas officials provide new details of school shooting timeline

South Texas Regional Director Dept. of Public Safety Victor Escalon provides an update of the shooting at a school in Uvalde.

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  1. So in other words they wasted time worrying about themselves when they could have been saving lives… cool

    1. ​@Preston Fontana we saw that in Ottawa when they ran over am old lady in a scooter with their horses.

  2. This pisses me off so for an hour that sicko was murdering these kids as these cops were getting prepared with tactical and body armour 🤬🤬🤬

  3. So why did they wait 40 minutes while the shooter was in the school and the parents were screaming at the cops to get in there??? Little kids are getting mowed down and they are waiting for back up and body armour? Wow. Pretty yellow.

  4. When we have had a chance to peruse the evidence, we will filter it, edit it, make a storyline that fits it and then we will give some of it to you. Then they wonder why rumors and conspiracy’s exist.

  5. I work for a school board in Ontario. The one thing i’m never thinking when i arrive at work is if i’m going to be killed on the job that day. I don’t know how school board staff in America can deal with that. Always wondering if their school will be the next one. Blows my mind how messed up things are south of the border

    1. As a fellow Canadian, I also can’t believe how bad things are getting south of the border. It’s crazy.

      Cheers, from Alberta

    2. I would take it easy with that high and mighty Canadian attitude. Our country is full of serious problems, and we have shootings too. Let’s not forget what happened in Nova Scotia a couple years ago. We should support our friends to the south and not try and make childish comparisons.

  6. I hope the cops that disallowed parents from entering the school and sat outside while children were killed remember that every night as they fall asleep. I hope the cries and screams of parents and dying children haunt them forever.

    I’m disgusted by the ones who promised to “serve and protect.”

    1. Firemen won’t allow someone into a burning building, because they’d just be compounding the problem. There would just be more bodies.

      You should be disgusted that someone who’s too young to drink or rent a car, is allowed to buy an assault rifle. If you’re OK with that, then you’ll just have to put up with events like this.

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