Texas officials say Uvalde officers should’ve entered classroom sooner | USA TODAY

Texas officials say Uvalde officers should've entered classroom sooner | USA TODAY 1


  1. The police should be held accountable how could you stand there and do nothing I don’t and can’t comprehend this

  2. First of all why wasn’t police at the school already there’s always some at highschool’s

  3. Gee imagine that 🙄 they allowed those babies to be MURDERED!!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  4. The public is PISSED about this incident, ban these assault weapons, absolutely no need for the public to own these types of weapons, even the police were afraid to enter and engage the gunman.

  5. For the look of the Uvalde police officers, they couldn’t run 25 yards without passing out ,,,, only thing on their minds was where’s my direct deposit and the nearest taco truck ,,, ready for them tripa and langua tacos …. W/a cup of menudo …. Sad ……

  6. Yeah…when an active shooter has an AR-15 automatic weapon, things change so why are these weapons sold to the public?

  7. Don’t worry. Sometime in the future, it may be hours later, a good guy with a gun will show up.

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